There Is Nothing Wrong Expanding!

Fri. August 31, 2018 

Work needs to be done. 

Woke up a 7:45am to get ready to head in to the café. I had to be there early today to do extra prep work before I opened. I needed to cut a few vegetables and make sure I had enough meat cooked so I would not fall behind when I opened. I do not mind making more throughout the day but running out before I even I start is not an option. 

On the way out of the house I grabbed a banana to have as breakfast on the road. I knew I did not have time to stop anywhere seeing as I left later than I should have.  

Must get things done. 

Since I left late, I got to the café late. I planned on getting in at 9:30am but did not for another 15 minutes. Thinking about my travel time I forgot to include the extra time it takes me to get through town only thinking about the solid hour of highway.  

Right away I got to work. I did not even take my jacket off. I realized it was still on when the thought of getting it dirty crossed my mind. I went looking for it so I could hang it up out of the way only to find it still on me. Crazy moment. 

While the rice cooked I went over to Moku Bowl for breakfast as I did yesterday. The banana I had brought with me from home was never eaten and actually stuck in the refrigerator when I walked into the café. For some reason I lost interest in it. 


The funny part is that I ordered a vanilla Greek yogurt with BANANA and mango, topped with granola and coconut shaving, finished off with a drizzle of honey. It might be my new favorite thing to eat for breakfast.  

My preparation was a success. 

Once the rice ‘clicked’ done I was ready for action. Not long after noon I had a small rush. Being there a little over a week, I finally made my first mistake. I did not serve the customer as she asked. I felt bad. Even worse because I realized it after she had left. If I did not have people waiting on me I would have chased after her to correct it. Hopefully she comes back a good sport about it.  

Somewhere around 1:30pm the lady I work with surprised me. I was sure she was not going to come in but proved me wrong. I actually tried my best to keep her home so she could get over a 2 week cold she has. Without rest it has lingered like a dark cloud. But she got bored and could not be home any longer than what she was. 

I was secretly glad to have company. After lunch business slowed down. We did do well the rest of the night but it done slowly. For entertainment we worked on new menu items. Being a week new at the market we have yet to set a menu because we have been in the experimental phase. Today was part of that.  


(photo found on Google images)

Our experiment for the day were hand rolls, meat style. Sushi without the fish. We are trying to be innovative using our current menu by mixing things together to see what taste good and what does not. We might have a thing going with only 1 out of the 3 not being so good. We are also trying to include the ‘gluten free, vegan community’ but that is proving to be a challenge. More thought needs to be put into to. 

By 5:30pm we cleaning up slowly. A mess was made during the test cook that made our area look like a war zone. It was crowded with sharp objects laying around. We washed what we could and prepping for tomorrow as much as possible at the same time. Once 6:30 hit we were in full gear to leave.  

After cleaning up completely we were able to leave by 7:55pm. A little later than I would expect to but I was not the last out so I was happy. The lady I work with had to go shopping for tomorrow anyway so we had to hurry out of there.  

Finished for the day. 

On the way home I stopped at CVS for snacks. I was sleepy so I picked up a Monster, BBQ Fritos and something new. I have never heard of chocolate cover pistachios. At first sight I knew I was buying it. How could I possible pass it up?  I have never tried them and wanted to badly.  

By the time I got home the Monster and Fritos had made me contempt. I could have fallen asleep where I stood. To wake up a bit I showered that way I would have enough energy to jump onto WordPress. I needed to post my choice of article for Saturday morning. I believe it will be a great way to start the morning off right. 

After finishing everything up I was in bed by 1am only to have to wake up in a few hours. GOOD NIGHT! 


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