These Events Were Real!

Thurs. September 27, 2018 

A change in pace. 

Up at 8:30am to write for the blog. I have not woken up for this reason in months. There was no café in my schedule today and I was forced to break out of the norm I have created.  

But I was busy. The lady I work with and I spent the day working two jobs. A lunch at a new company and a catering for an event. At first thoughts it was going to be a normal day. But that was not the case. 

The start of madness. 

My day started across the street from where we were going to be serving lunch, at a Dunkin’ DonutsI spent 15 minutes there enjoying a hot pumpkin spice latte and waffle chicken tenders cooked to perfection. I also bought an apple crisp donut to snack on later. Then I jumped across the road right into the lot of the building I was to be at.  


(photo found on Google images)

Trying to get set up was a hassle. We had to wait for half an hour before we were told where to park and then allowed to. The spot the company men wanted us to be was a wet mess. They wanted us parked halfway on a patch of grass with the other half of the truck on the road. We had the wait the whole time for someone to bring multiple sheets of plywood before we could go anywhere near it. 

Once we were given the okay to park we set up as quick as possible. Because of the delay we opened up late. I also thought being there would have been busier. Service could have been better for such a big company.  

The weird continues. 

From there we had to make our way to the next location. It was a little over a 30 minute drive but for me even longer. I had to make a stop to use the bathroom. At the first location we were parked in the center of the buildings next to a roundabout. There were no doorways close enough for me to access without a pass so I held it the entire 4 hours we were there. 


(photo found on Google images)

Trying to make up for the lost time I kept a nice steady pace as I went down the highway. I figured if I were late it would only be by 5 minutes. Then I got a call.  

The lady I work with needed my help. I was shocked when she told me why.  Her tire had just went flat on the trailer. Luckily, she was ahead of me so I was only 5 minutes away from her location. 

Not knowing exactly where she had pulled over I passed her completely. It was not until I got to the second location and made a U-turn that I found her. Another 3 minutes and she would have made it the site. Instead she was forced to pull into a car wash driveway. 

After parking I made my way over to her. She had lightly told me what happened. Over the phone she said her tire was flattened but when I saw it, it was completely shredded. Blown out with the bare rim showing. My jaw dropped in surprise. Not only that the wheel guard had torn half way off. 


(photo found on Google images)

Main event. 

After bolting it back on and changing the tire the thing was flat. Thank goodness a gas station was across the street. We were able to slowly drive it over to fill it.  

From there, 3 minutes, we were at the event. Late but we made it.  

Our night was busy the moment we opened until the moment we closed. If it were not for the rain we might have been there longer. Mother Nature always looks out.  

Peace at last. 

I was home 45 minutes later to a shower and write this post. Getting here was a challenge. I took a very dark, winding, scary road. I thought at one point I was going to drive off of it. Boy was I glad to hit the highway. 



Cracked, Oiled & Crashed!

Wed. September 26, 2018 

The day has come. 

With my second off I planned to do what I could. Today I actually requested to have off so I could see my chiropractor. I had an appointment 2 weeks go but had to reschedule due to work. The day I originally requested for an appointment, my chiropractor was going on vacation. I was more than excited to see him today. 


(photo found on Google images)

Out and about. 

After visiting my doctor and getting cracked up, I stopped at the place with the best flavored coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts. Of course I had to get a pumpkin spice latte and waffle tenders. I think it is pretty crazy that I have been spending so much money in this one store almost every day. They really have a hold on my wallet. 

Unfortunately, this specific location does not know how to handle their cooker very well. They overcooked the tenders making them not as tasty as they should have been. I have really become fond of these things so I was very disappointed. 

Closer to home I decided to treated my father to McDonalds for breakfast. It was simple but something for him to munch on. I also stopped for expensive gas and went on a Pokémon GO! mission. I recently ranked up so I now have new challenges to complete. Exciting times.  


(photo found on Google images)


I made it to the house by 12:50pm to jump on the computer. I needed to help my father fix our boiler today but I needed to make sure a bit of work was done first. In the middle of typing I remembered I needed something off of Amazon. Quickly, I ordered an HDMI switch because my desktop monitor only has two HDMI ports and I have another computer to connect now along with my PlayStation 4. Old monitor and not enough ports.   

Finishing up with the blog I went to help my father repair an oil pipe that is connected to the boiler. After being down in the basement for a couple of hours the fumes started to get to us. They were so strong that as soon as we finished digging up the cement around the pipe we took a break for hours to detox in fresh air. We even had filtered masks on but the sent was too strong for them. In that time I watched a few episodes of “Blacklist.” 

Not done. 

To finish up the job completely we took a trip to Home Depot for the boiler line fittings. With the parts in hand the pipe could be fixed before bed.  

On the way back home we stopped at Dunkin. For me it was a second time so I stayed in the car but he wanted to get a box of donuts and frozen drink. Back at the house we split up. He went to finish working on the boiler as I cooked us dinner.  

While cooking my nephew came to play. He crawls super fast now so I can chase him all over the house and have him do the same to me. With his new found freedom I view it as a double edged sword. I love being able to play but now he gets into everything. 

Done for the day. 

My girlfriend came over for some quality time around 8pm. We had dinner and watched the first episode of season 2 on “The Good Doctor.” We have been waiting months for a new season and are extremely excited to have the show back. 


(photo found on Google images)

How to Deliver Bad News When It’s Not Your Fault!

Wes Kao is a marketing expert who has led 150-plus launches for Fortune 500 brands and startups. She was the co-creator and executive director of Seth Godin’s altMBA. In addition, she has led product and marketing organizations at Flite (acquired by Snapchat), Bare Escentuals and Gap Inc.”



Image credit: Shannon Fagan | Getty Images Wes Kao

“Have you ever shared bad news with coworkers, employees or partners? As much as we don’t want to shoot the messenger, sometimes we associate negative feelings with the person who tells us bad news.”


If you have to deliver bad news that wasn’t your fault, here are tips to keep in mind:

1. Avoid negative words, especially “however.”

Small changes in word choice can impact your audience’s perception — for the better or for the worse. According to George Lakoff, a professor in cognitive science and linguistics at University of California, Berkeley, you should use language that evokes imagery and strengthens your point.

You should especially be careful about using negative words that could lead your audience to catastrophize. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, the co-authors of Words Can Change Your Brain, said, “Angry words send alarm messages through the brain, and they partially shut down the logic-and-reasoning centers located in the frontal lobes.”

“However” was great for high school essays, but there’s rarely a need for it in your toolkit now. It makes everything sound heavier and more dramatic than it needs to be. The goal here is to minimize drama. If you really need to, use “but.”

2. Avoid giving too many details — save some information if they ask.

When you feel guilty, you want to explain everything. You secretly hope that by explaining, the person will understand and absolve you of guilt. Don’t give in to the temptation to explain everything in excruciating detail.

First, it’s selfish: you’re only doing it to make yourself feel better. Second, it complicates the actual message. Recipients won’t know when the facts end and your own narrative begins. Third, you owe it to them to be direct.

Respect your recipients enough to give them the key information they need to make a smart decision. If they have additional questions, they’ll ask. This opens up dialogue instead of overwhelming them with information.

3. Don’t accidentally accept blame.

I’m all for accepting blame — if you’re responsible for what happened. There’s a difference between empathizing (“I acknowledge this is frustrating”) and accepting blame (“I should have done X and Y, but I didn’t at the time.”).

As the messenger, there’s no point in inviting your audience’s wrath for no reason. When you scan your email, ask yourself, “Might they think I’m accidentally accepting blame because of my phrasing and word choice?”

An upset colleague or boss might project anger onto you as a way to cope with negative feelings. The danger of accidentally accepting blame is it legitimizes your audience’s negative perceptions, even if they were inaccurate and misplaced to begin with.

You’re essentially inviting them to project onto you. This erodes trust in your working relationships and tarnishes your credibility. If it happens too many times, it could stall your career because you’re associated with failed projects.

4. Get to your point quickly.

“We only give a couple of instructions to people when they go to work for us: One is to think like an owner. And the second is to tell us bad news immediately — because good news takes care of itself. We can take bad news, but we don’t like it late,” Warren Buffett once told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

Contrary to what you might think, adding too much preface makes things sound worse. The tension builds and the person is imaging the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Cognitive psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis describes why we mentally escalate scenarios to the most extreme and negative conclusion. When your audience finally hears the bad news, they might think, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad.” But, even though that’s a pleasant surprise, relatively speaking, your colleagues just spent several minutes letting their imaginations wander. That’s cruel of you to do. Preface as little as you can, so you can share the meat of what they need to know.

5. Remind the person of their own agency.

In a famous speech at USC Business School in 1994, Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger said, “If people tell you what you really don’t want to hear — what’s unpleasant — there’s an almost automatic reaction of antipathy.”

When people get bad news, they’ll want to blame someone for their frustration — don’t let that someone be you.

Our natural reaction is to shoot the messenger, but you can combat this by reminding your audience that they were involved in the situation, too. Chances are, they had a role to play in what happened.

Reminding people of their agency can be useful here. Behavioral scientist and bestselling author Nir Eyal wrote about how the freedom to choose encourages people to behave more generously. Applied here, you want to remind your colleague that you were both aware of the risks — and jointly decided to proceed anyway.

This will put your colleague in a more collaborative and understanding mood. For example:

  • You both knew the result might not work.
  • You’re on the same team and working toward the same goal.
  • You’re going out of your way to help them because you’d rather work with them than someone else.

Of course, put a soft wrapper around your message. Don’t just say, “We both knew this might not work. Don’t act so surprised now.” A sarcastic remark sounds like you’re blaming them, which isn’t what you want to do.

Instead, try saying the following:

“Last month, we talked about how we had a one in 10 chance of winning this bid. We decided to pursue it given the high payoff. At this point, if we choose to continue in the process, we could submit another proposal. I know it takes a lot of effort on your part, so it might or might not be worth the time. I can discuss with my team, too. Thanks for working on this together. Let’s circle back mid next week — let me know what you prefer to do.”

Accepting responsibility is important. If there’s any doubt that you are responsible, you should proactively address that. These tips are for times when you’re simply a messenger — and just as surprised by the news as your recipient is. In situations like these, use the tips above to protect yourself and help your recipient understand the situation with minimal drama.


For the full article visit here: Entrepreneur

It Rained, But I Had A Great Time!

Tues. September 25, 2018 

I am available. 

To think I had to work today but Mother Nature had other plans. I woke up at 8am to a text message cancelling our day. It was pouring rain outside.  

Back to sleep I went in the comfort of my sheets. Once again awake, this time with much rest. Since I had the day off I took advantage of my new available time. There were a few things I needed to take care of that should have been done sooner.  


First order of action was the Department of Motor Vehicles. I needed to get my car rejected, I mean inspected. My check engine light still shines bright because of a camshaft sensor that is faulty. It stopped reading properly a month ago and I never had it replaced. It is going to cost me a good amount of money to be done that I never wanted to spend.  

Before actually getting it inspected I tried to shut off the light with a code reader I have. I knew it would not last too long but it was shorter than I had hoped. The moment I got to the gate of the inspection site it turned back on. It does not last more than 5 minutes of being off and is always the same code. I appreciate the consistency but I really needed it to stay off. 


(photo found on Google images)

I got my rejection papers pretty quick. I find it very helpful that they even print it out for you. Now I have documentation of the code and hopefully do not have to pay someone to reread it. They usually charge a whopping $100+ just to do so, not including the part or labor to fix it. 

Finished with that I took a 20 minute drive to a jeweler. It is the same person that I always go to every time I need something fixed. This time not only did I need my necklace repaired but one of the medallions as well. I must have broken them both at least four times each over the past 12 years. Within the next 2 weeks it should look brand new. I cannot wait to have it back around my neck. 


From there I decided to see my best friend the Twitch streamer. Luckily, I was going over because he was about to take a long, wet walk to pick up his dog from the groomers. He is used to walking in this weather but today was more of a storm than light rainfall. Instead I picked him up and we went to get her together. On the way to his house we stopped for a snack at Wendy’s to hold us over until dinner. 

Back at his place we ate as he showed me a few new games that will be released over the next year or sooner. Very interesting stuff that I might have to make an investment in. He also introduced me to new rap artists. One that we might go see in concert within the next few months. 

Work has really taken over my life. 

Around 4pm we went up to the kitchen where I watched him cook dinner. It was a great learning experience for me. I now know how to make a thick cheesy white sauce for pasta. Usually I am a red sauce kind of person but what he made was exceptional. It had garlic chicken and diced bacon mixed in that brought the entire dish together. I have to try making it myself. 


Bitmoji Bestie

We all – his parents, brother girlfriend and I – sat around the dining room table and enjoyed the dinner he prepared for us. I have not had that family bonding with them in a very long time. As a child in grammar school and high school I would be over his house almost every day. It was nostalgic to be there once again. 

Me time. 

I left soon after dinner. I pulled into my driveway around 8:30pm. The rest of the night went to me posting on my blog and watching “Blacklist.” With a few more episodes to go I will be moving on to a new show. To what I do not know but the possibilities are endless right now. Netflix has released a lot of the season 2’s that I need to catch up on. 



Almost forgot. I also bought a new game, Transference. Hopefully it is as good as I think it will be. 


(photo found on Google images)

Sluggish Business Activities!

Mon. September 24, 2018 

So very tired. 

I had an early start on my day. I was up at 7:15am earlier than I had wanted to but my girlfriend had to leave. I thought we would be leaving at the same time but she had to be out of the house a lot earlier than I did. She had an appointment at the mechanics for maintenance that could not be missed.  

After she left I laid in bed for 5 minutes only to get back up. It was now my turn to get ready for the day. I was running the café today like usual. I hoped it would be a nice relaxing time in the Market for me to get some of my energy back from last night. The party really wore me out.


Bitmoji ME dancing

Its time.  

Along the way I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a pumpkin spice latte, waffle tenders and hash browns. This combo has become my go to meal for breakfast. It is like the having a plate of waffles and chicken with a side of home fries. Obviously, it does not compare but it’s great for ‘on the go. ‘ 

I was at the café 20 minutes early. I was actually glad to be because I was able to make what I needed and still had plenty of time left over to enjoy my breakfast seated at a table. Normally I just stand at my counter eating while walking backing and forth to check on things. 

Work keeps on. 

Before my work day started I responded to the logo creator to have him finalize everything so we can officially own it and move forward. This seemed like the final draft but I was not fully sure. I think we have one more edit to make and then we will be finished. I think we still need a social media kit to review.



Work was light today. I was able to do a bit of things for my business that should take full effect once the logo is finished. After going back and forth with my Texas buddy we came up with a plan to possibly release our designs sooner than our original date. We initially wanted to open up for Christmas but are now thinking of Halloween. We want to get a pumpkin theme going with a mix of cute. I even came up with a new sketch of a creepy teddy that I honestly might not even pursue. It seem a bit much. 

And then worked on my blog. 

Had to. 

By 6pm I was cleaning up. No one was around to keep me company so little by little I got ready to go. By 7:25 I was walking out of the door. I thought I would have had at least one more sale but it never happened. 

Before heading home, I stopped at OwOwCow for a milkshake. It must had been faith because they had my favorite flavor in, cherry vanilla stracciatella. A cup of delicious cherry vanilla chocolaty goodness. A great road trip snack. 


Could have been better. 

On my route to the highway I also took a very horrible picture. The scene from far looked great and I thought it would look great up close, but it did not. A close up of the image I wanted came out entirely different from my vision. I plan to retake it. 

Finally, home I took a shower. A nice relaxing hot shower. Out of the shower and in bed I watched “Blacklist” while writing this.