I Had A Great Day Off!

Sat. August 25, 2018

5 hours later.

I woke up at 7:30am to get a good start on my day. I honestly did not want to wake up but I had an urge to get going. I had place to go and people to see.

My first stop for the day was at Dunkin’ Donuts. I needed a pick me up if I was going to make it through the morning. To my surprise PUMPKIN is back! It is that time of year again for the most delicious flavor of coffee on this planet. Man was mouth happy.


(photo found on Google images)

From there I made my way to the office. By 8:50am I was sitting in the parking lot sipping on that amazing flavor. Then I walked in to a very exaggerated not literal side punch. I was told to go into the training room so I could shadow my colleague as he gave his part the presentation. It was a very different experience. Almost nerve wrecking.

After spending 2 hours talking it was time to go. It was already 1pm and training had ended at 11am.

Time to myself.

My next stop was the mall. I have not had a mall trip in a while and I must say it felt good. I did go for a purpose though. Not to just walk around wasting time, even though I did that too. I went looking for a new sport jacket. Something light and flexible. 

I have been doing research on the suits and blazers that I have. It was shocking to know that there are not just one type of jacket but multiple types. From my research I now know that I have four suit jackets, two of which have no pants – at the time I did not know I should have bought the set – and one sport jacket, which is my favorite of all time. Today I wanted to add another. I did not want a fully lined blazer. I was in the market for either an unlined or half lined jacket.

I went to Express first. They only had suits. Macy’s did not have anything that interested me. With my mojo depleting I went to eat a Wendy’s. With all of the walking I was hungry. Almost giving up I decided to continue my search at Lord and Taylor. They had a clearance rack! Filled with blazers at rip-off prices. And there it was, a half lined blazer in black for $50. I just need it for everyday use, nothing special. Just something that if I got dirty I would not mind. Perfect find.

download (1)

(photo found on Google images)

I never even heard of the brand, Laboratory? Who knows. But I literally put it on a few feet from the register. It matched what I was wearing and I did not want to hold a bag. Thanks lady for cutting the tags.

Working at home.

Around 2:30pm I made my way home. Before completing my trip, I made a stop at the bank. It has been a while and my account was starting to notice. I might have gotten an alert saying “fund me.”

Back home I changed out of my good clothes and into work clothes. The lawn was half cut and needed my attention. Me being busy lately had no time for it. When I got home I saw my father doing what he could. I finished the backyard, trimmed the hedges, cut down small trees that were growing out of the patio, pulled vines from the fence that divides the property and then sat around a fire pit relaxing with my pops as we charred cut branches from a tree in the yard. It was nice.


(photo found on Google images)

3 and a half hours later I was beat. My plan for today was to catch up on sleep. That did not happen.

Play time.

Around 6pm, as I was finishing up, my girlfriend pulled in the driveway. After welcoming her I hopped in the shower. I smelled like smoke and was covered in grass. Thanks to my nephew she had some entertainment while I relaxed.


Bitmoji ME, showering

After my shower I entertained them both.

It was an amazing time with the little guy. As dinner was cooking I decided to serve myself a batch of grapes. Out of curiosity I peeled the skin of one to expose the soft jelly insides. Then with my finger restricting most of the grape I stuck it in his mouth. As he bit down, me made a face. Did he like it? Yes he did. I had to give up a few for him to enjoy.

Then he was placed on the floor to show off. My sister wanted me to see his attempt at crawling. At first I was worried he might hurt himself but he had it down packed. He sits up, turns over onto his knees and hands, pushes over onto his belly, rolls over, sits up and repeats the whole process. Surprisingly he cleared about half of the house like that. It was funny to watch but you could see the excitement in his face from getting that face. Once he actually learns how to crawl we won’t be able to keep up.

What an ending.

When he left my girlfriend and I had dinner. I actually had two plates. For some reason I was very hungry today. Right after I topped it off with watermelon. I just could not resist. Moments later my sister came back with a cake she had baked. Of course, I had to have that too. My stomach was like a black hole. Where was it going?

Around 10pm I could not handle being awake. My girlfriend and I took an hour and change nap. Then I got up to walk her out fighting every bone in my body to stay in bed. I even tried to convince her to stay but that did not work.

As she made her way home I prepared my journal for tomorrow.

It is now late, 1:20am, and I must be up at 8 to take my drive to the café.

Today Was A Good Day!

Fri. August 24, 2018 

Sleep is great. 

Slept until 11am this morning after getting in from moving my car. The sun was so bright I thought my eyes would never open. While backing out to the driveway I had one eye closed and the other squinted. I do not know how but I made it. 


Bitmoji ME sun

The moment I woke from my slumber, I went down to the basement. I threw a load of clothes from the washer into the dryer that I never took care of last night. I fell asleep without thinking twice about it. If I did not need a pair for work today I might have left them there and been really upset later finding them still wet.  

Back upstairs I jumped on the computer. I needed to schedule a few things for tomorrow and get ready for Sunday. Unfortunately, I only made it till tomorrow. Sunday will have to wait. I ended up running out of time and had to leave. The time for me to go in was nearing.  

Short travels. 

Before heading off to work I had to make a pit stop. My father was hungry and did not want anything in the house. He wanted a pastrami sandwich. Being a good man and son, after complaining to myself, I added his hunger to my journey.  

A few blocks away there is a small deli. This is the only place I know where to find a good sandwich that he actually likes. Cooked pastrami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, salt and pepper. After picking up the sandwich I went to deliver it.  


(photo found on Google images)

It was quick pass by. My father was already outside sitting on the porch taking in the sun. I did not even have to call him or turn off my car. Walked it right up to him, said few words and left. I was behind schedule. Talk to you later pops.  

Messy travels. 

On the road to meet the lady I work with I needed to stop at Teixeira’s Bakery. For the first time, for me anyway, in a month, we will be at Pier 13. There was no way we could go without hoagie rolls. Since I was there, why not get iced cappuccinos. Perfect.  

The not so perfect part was me spilling a cup. Not the whole thing but quite a bit to make a big mess. The darn thing tipped over on my cup holder spilling all over my shift. I do not know if that was bad or not but it was sticky. Very sticky. I hate sticky. 

Destination reached. 

Finally, in Hoboken at the parking garage I cleaned up my mess. I tried to do as much as I could on the road but my driving started to become questionable and risking my life was not worth it. The good thing is I was prepared for it. In my back seat there is a small bottle of Armor All multi-purpose auto cleaner. I am sure it is not meant to clean up coffee spills, but it worked out fine. And now my center console is shinny. 

The pier was a bit slow today. Noting interesting happened for 7 hours. On and off busy. But not as busy as it should have been. We would have our waves of people and then nothing for a while. Surprisingly one of the trucks that have proven to be competition for us was not there. I love, but I thought that a was good thing. It did not help. 

A night to remember. 

As we were leaving the real action started. Two young females got drunk and hopped over a fence on to a boat. The one that was completely wasted was down for the count. We could hear her yelling but could not make out what she was saying. In all honesty it sounded like a whale making a mating call. Like Dory in Finding Nemo talking to the whale. It was funny. If I were the somewhat more sober friend I would have been embarrassed. Probably even threw her overboard for making a scene and getting me caught. But that’s me. Instead she was concerned and caring. 


(photo found on Google images)

What was not funny is when the father of the soberer girl, owner of the boat, showed up to get them. Pier patrol was ready to call the police but the father stormed in pissed and carried the drunk girl out with one around his neck. If you looked close enough I swear steam was coming out of his ears. Man are those little ladies in deep poo poo.  

At least they got to go home. Even though I do not think it is any better than a night in a cell. I have never been in one but I bet that’s how they’re going to feel for the next few months. 

Getting home from JC can be a hassle. 

By 12:15am I was on the way home. Traffic was insane. Once again construction. To make it worse a car broke down on the only two lane road to get through. Poor guy because there was literally no place to push it to. All he could do was wait it out until the tow truck arrived. 

When I got in the house, I showered and by 2:30am in bed. 

Up again in 5 hours. Crap. 

Monetise Your Talents To Become a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ !

We all have talents that many of us have not idea what to do with. What if you could turn it into something worthwhile, meaningful and profitable? Would you? Award-winning Emirati writer Manar Al Hinai has a few words that might encourage you to do something big.


“… it’s not strange anymore to meet someone who has a corporate job in addition to something brewing on the side as well.” 

More financial security 

Your current business may be doing well, but with a few more on the back burner, you may end up doing fantastically well. If the economy hits one of your enterprises, you can hedge the bet and there’s a good chance you will end up benefitting from the second or the third of your ventures. The key is to have multiple sources of income so that you are always covered. In my case, not all my businesses will be performing exceptionally well all year round. For some of my ventures, summer is a slow season, and for others it’s the best time. But by having different streams of income, I make sure that I am never low on revenue.You will lead an exciting, ever-evolving life. 

Some people do it for the money; I do it mainly for the thrill of it. After starting a couple of businesses, it excited me to start more. There’s always something new to learn, and there are always talents to uncover, people to add to your network, and hopefully positively impacting the lives of others. It keeps your mind fresh and evolves your skills. 

You get better 

The first time I started a business, I didn’t know even a tenth of the things that I know now. Every time I start a new venture, my skill-set improves and I get better and better at planning, managing and trouble shooting. I have become more confident, I know how to establish a business faster, market it in an effective way, how to keep my expenses low and my revenues higher. Once you have acquired these skills, why would you want to limit yourself to just one venture? 

Though this all sounds great, you have to keep in mind a few things about serial entrepreneurship: 

Time management 

When starting a new business, you shouldn’t be neglecting the old one, and dedicate all of your time and effort to the new one. This is when proper time management comes in handy. Organise your time, effort, and staff so that your other projects don’t fail at the expense of the new one. This is a mistake I’ve seen many entrepreneurs make. 

Take a break in between because it could get very overwhelming. If you can’t afford to switch off in the weekend, at least dedicate one day to unplug and do something fun, and unrelated. At one point in my life, I worked till I drifted to sleep and woke up only to start again. My whole life revolved around work, even during my summer breaks. My body later reminded me to slow down. It was only then that I understood the importance of time management and rest. 

Factor in risk 

Last but not the least, as dreamy as “serial entrepreneurship” sounds, remember that just like with anything in life, there’s always a risk involved. This shouldn’t discourage you, instead, it should help you prepare to deal with consequences and setbacks, and maintain a positive outlook. 

If you are multi-talented then by all means don’t let them go to waste. With every business you start, you will broaden your perspective and horizon. So, go for it. 


For the full article visit here: TheNational

A Day Fully Packed!

Thurs. August 23, 2018 

A wonderful morning. 

After moving my car this morning, I laid in bed for 30 minutes as my body adjusted to comfort. Right as I was falling asleep, buzz buzz buzz, went my alarm. It was 8:30am and I need to get going. I had to be in Jersey City for work today.  

Before leaving I sat down in front of my iPad to have a bowl of cereal and watch UnboxTherapy on YouTube. I have not seen an episode in a while it was great to catch up with Uncle Lew. 

As I ate I thought about coffee. I did not want to go to the bakery today but I had another place in mind. ModCup. The place I used to get our coffee from all the time during the winter. It had been a while since I had a really, really good cup of black coffee.  

The good things in life. 

Leaving my house early I made it to JC by 10:10am. I had 20 minutes to kill before I had to meet the lady I work with. Even if I was late, if I had coffee, she would appreciate it.  

At the ModCup mobile station I was able chat a bit with the worker. Man was it a long time. Too bad he was busy, I could not get into a serious conversation with him. I wanted to know how life was treating him and if he ever made to Disneyland for vacation. It was going to be his first time going there and I was curious to hear about his experience. Hopefully the next time we meet there will be more time to talk. 


(photo found on Google images)

With the coffee in hand, I made it to the lady I work with right on time. She had just parked on a deserted street. I could see from my car she ready to set up and get going.  

Easy service. 

This morning was different. We were vending to the public, we thought about it, but we also had to prepare for a catering. It was a simple drop off delivery. Once we prepared the food all we had to do was drive it over and someone would meet us at the door to retrieve it. 

Along the way to deliver it, at a red light, I had to jump in the back of her pick-up truck to fix a propane tank that tipped over when she hit the brakes. I carelessly forgot to strap it down with the rush of trying to leave. It scared the crap out of us. Not good for a full tank to topple over with full force. 


(photo found on Google images)

After making the delivery we had a lot of time to do whatever. We realized vending at 12:30pm where we were parked would not be profitable. So, we cleaned up and went out to eat.  


For lunch we decided to stop by a friend’s restaurant. We had not seen him in a while and thought it would be nice pop by. Parking was a pain to find. I should have known it would be working in Jersey City for so many years. Thankfully after circling for a bit we were able to get a pretty good spot three blocks away. A short walk to get the blood flowing.  

At the restaurant we were seated. Soon after the head honcho himself came over with a big warm smile to greet us. It was great to see him. Even better to hear about his expansion and upcoming goals.  

Just as always, the food was great. But today there was not the best. We got his recipe, not his hands. The chef behind the counter slipped up. Food was not up to temperature and a bit on the cooler side. Same great taste except it is 100% better when hot. We ended up packing it to go.  


Mofongo w/ chicken & Arroz con gandules

Since the head honcho was in a meeting, the lady I work and I could not bring ourselves to interrupt him and possibly embarrass him. A private message maybe? 

From there went on our marry way to the next location. We had a dinner shift to run.  

I did not get carded this time.  

About 40-something minutes later I arrived. I had gotten lost and then detoured surprisingly getting there first. What a zig-zaggy drive. Moments later the lady I work with pulled up.  

After sitting in our cars for 15 minutes she hopped in mine. Costco trip! Since we had to wait for the mail person to move their vehicle out of our parking space we figured why not shop for the essentials. He had a long night ahead of us and log weekend still to go through. The best part, it was 8 minutes away. 


(photo found on Google images)

A night of challenges. 

Back at the building we were going to be vending, we parked our cars and set up. Costco was fun and quick. Just as quick was our night. It went nothing as expected. For our first time there, business was slow. We ended up closing right on time, 8:30pm, only to get right back to work. A flat tire. We knew the tire looked suspicious but as we went to leave I heard it hiss. As much as I wanted to ignore it, the sound was not a good sign. We needed to change it.  

Since the tire is on a double axel trailer, I learned some new things this night.  

  1. farm jacks are incredible. 
  2. they are hard to use forskinnypeople.  
  3. trailer tires are tricky. 

On a coupe like mine the tires basically pop themselves on and off. Trailer tires require work. From lifting all the way to unbolting. By 9:45pm I was actually on the road home. 

The late end. 

To treat myself for a ‘job well done’ I stopped at a McDonalds along the way and grabbed a vanilla milkshake with fries. Perfect combo. 


By 10:30pm I was home. Straight to the basement to wash clothes so while I showered they washed. After putting them to dry I called my girlfriend to make up with her. Neglecting her has put me in the doghouse.

All is well now!

Late night for me. In bed by 1:45am. 


Exciting & Not At The Same Time!

Weds. August 22, 2018 

I am glad I woke up. 

Last night I fell asleep around 10:30pm. I was exhausted. So exhausted that I did not wake up until 9:30am this morning. I was able to get a lot of sleep, 11 hours, but my body wanted more. It almost felt like I needed a short-term comma. Just for a day. 

Awake and ready to concur the day I got dressed and headed out. I needed to be at the café by noon. Since I skipped out on breakfast I decided to stop somewhere along the way. I passed McDonaldsDunkin’ DonutsStarbucks. None of them interested me. Luckily, I spotted a Panera Bread. That was it! A superfruit smoothie and triple berry scone for the road. 

Made it a bit after 12pm. 

The lady I work with just started to do business. Shortly after, she left me. Today we were going to be running separate shifts. Me at the café for lunch and early dinner, she in Jersey City for dinner. The café during the week is not that busy so I was fine with it.  

But before she left to JC she had a kitchen to check out. It was for rent two blocks away. If she can get it, it will really help grow the business. Also, it is convenient. 

Finding things to do. 

Throughout the day I tried to keep myself busy. I completed my tasks for the day – cutting up vegetables, cooking, cleaning – within a few hours. With that out of the way I was able to solely focus on my customers. Smile, make small talk, just get the crowd to notice I was there.  

In between doing that I read the Money magazine from yesterday. I had half of it to go and want to know if any of it was worth retaining. Found an awesome piece that I might transcribe so I can share it. I looked for it online but no luck. I also worked on post for the blog. Scheduled a few things and did some edits on others. I think I was productive. 


Since I had time I went over to Greenstraw to look at their menu. I am allergic to fruit so finding something that is not potent or potentially life threatening is hard. Fortunately for me the guy knows his menu and was able to make me something new. His favorite drink. It involved cinnamon and it was great. Nothing I expected. I thought the cinnamon would have been over powering but it was not in the slightest. 

Around 6:45pm I started to clean up. Washed dishes, put the food away, washed and sanitized the counters. The guy – her family friend – who comes in tomorrow should be set to go.  

Why did I drink so much!? 

By 7:45pm I was out of there. The last thing I wanted was to be left alone in that place. At night they shut most of the lights off leaving an eerie feel to the place. Shivers. 

On the road home I stopped at my new favorite gas station. A BP with the price of $2.67. Man is that cheap. Where I live, that price does not exist. I honestly did not even need it but topped off my tank anyway.  


(photo found on Google images)

Then 30 minutes from home I had to stop again. I drank too much and needed to use the bathroom. After that juice early, right before I left, I was given a bubble tea from Mr. Wish. Out of excitement I could not resist drinking it. I thought I could hold it but my bladder said otherwise. Thankfully, I made it in time because the gas station had shut down the moment I left. I could see the lights turning off as I drove away. Phew. 

Relaxing time. 

Finally home I jumped in the shower. While in there I watched an episode of “Dragon Ball.” Gotta love Samsung for waterproofing their phones. It is awesome. Then out of the shower I heated up food and ate.  

By 11:30pm I was in bed watching someone play Dragon Ball Fighterz on Twitch. Then I remembered I forgot to write in my journal. Cannot sleep without doing that. It is best to get it off my chest and clear my mind before sleeping. 


(photo found on Google images)

Back to bed by 12:30am. 



Girlfriend got upset with me and I could not figure out why. I think me being clueless made it worse. It was not a good night for us. It did not help that yesterday did not go as planned either. I also fell asleep on her too. Sheesh, me, get it together.