It Was A Long But Sweet Day!

Mon. August 27, 2018

Early bird.

Up early to make my way into the café. I think it will be my new position from now on. The person we did have running it was able to get a job he applied for last month. While he waited for his acceptance call, he helped us out as much as possible. Now that we are short handed the lady and I must spilt ourselves between jobs. With that being said I ran the café alone today.

Beforehand I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for you know what. Something pumpkin spice flavored. I could not decide on what – hot, cold – but in the end I went with a latte. With one sip I knew I made a great choice. To go with it I order an apple fritter. It’s weird how they are never made the same. This one was twisted almost in a funnel cake fashion with the apple in the center. I wish I took a picture of it.


(photo found on Google images)

Getting ready.

At the café I set everything up. Put my rice to cook, dumplings to steam and food to keep warm. Once the rice cooker beeped I would be ready to start. While it did its thing I sat down and had my breakfast. We have a personal microwave that we use to make tea with. Literally that is all it has been used for. Today I added another use for it, my apple fritter. The thing was heated up for 15 seconds and ready to enjoy. It was like a warm twisted up croissant with apple filling.

After 15 minutes the rice cooker went off letting me know it was time for action. With my belly content I finished preparing and turned the refrigerator light on to let people know we were open for business.


Unfortunately, the light does not work as well I hope it would. From 11am until about 2:30pm I did all of my business. From then until 6pm I did nothing but work on my laptop. I was glad to have the time to work on the blog but I would prefer to make money instead. There is no greater feeling than putting a couple of 20 dollar bills in the register.   

Since I had nothing to do after completing my blog tasks, I cleaned up. I figured if I could get done quick then I could leave earlier. And so I made that happen. By 7:15pm I was in my car. Officially the market closes at 7 and usually I leave by 8 once my area is cleaned. Boy was I lucky to get out of there while the sun was still up. Business was slow leaving me bored half of the day.

Sweet pleasures.

On the way home I decided to make a quick stop. Owowcow Creamery. I know I had it last night, but come on, there flavors are amazing. I had to get another milkshake with that cherry flavored ice cream. It was so good.


(photo found on Google images)

All the way home, an hour drive, I was happy. The happiest drive I have ever had. With my drink in hand and music playing I had the biggest smile. To make it better I was even home before 8:30pm. It was a great feeling.

The rest of the night went to a long shower, dinner and my computer.


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