Really Good Flavors All Day!

Sun. August 26, 2018 

Pumpkin season is my favorite. 

Up and at it early this morning. I had to be at the café by 10am which meant I had an hour and 10 minute drive ahead of me. On the way there I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. With pumpkin back in action my addiction is on full course. I will be spending a lot of money at Dunkin’ this winter. To go with the coffee, I decided to get breakfast. A simple raisin bagel, I forgot to tell them light butter, and hash browns. 


(photo found on Google images)

Always have time. 

I made it to the café a few minutes early. I might have planned it, might not have, but it gave me time to set up before the lady I work with showed up. About 20 minutes later, as I was eating, she called to let me know she was running behind schedule. With the constant back and forth between her vending and the café her body decided to ignore this morning’s alarm. She gave me a break yesterday by giving me the day off and I hope she can give herself one soon.  

While I waited for her I severed the customers who were interested and cut some vegetables. Word of mouth is starting to payoff. We are getting customers from the surrounding businesses. Slowly but surely it will get better. 

Around noon she showed up. With a lot of grocery bags on each arm. I did not know she was going to go shopping beforehand. There were also dishes. Dishes from her last vend. We have a big sink at the café so doing them is easy. But there was a lot. 

A different day. 

Throughout the day we did not do much. Sat around, talked to people, built rapport and things like that. She did a lot of chatting. All over the place. It was good to watch her have a bit of fun instead of working straight through.  

But she did work. Even decided to put on show by hand making dumplings. We have a small island, it is basically a center table, that she used as her stage. She spread out and made it very visible. We actually might have done our best yet because of it. Also, thanks to a family of six for having dinner with us. 


By 7pm we were finished. After cleaning up and honestly taking my time, we left by 9pm. To think that throughout the day I washed dishes and I still had a bunch more to do. My hands were pruned up. I was able to get a glimpse of them as an old man. Freaky thought. 

The best around town. 

As I was sitting in the parking lot I receive a call. The lady I work with wanted to know how close I was to getting home. Well sitting in the lot, I did not get too far. Luckily, I took my time because she wanted some light night ice cream. Not just any ice cream though. The really good, handcrafted kind. How could I say no to that? Owowcow Creamery is where I met her.  

It must have been luck. Not only was I hungry but I was thinking about stopping there anywhere. And we went on a good day because today’s flavors were fantastic. We both ended up getting the same thing, a cherry and chocolate crunch thing. It was so good that before we left I ordered it to go as a milkshake 


(photo found on Google images)

Here my night. 

On the way home, I had to do it. Again, I did not really need but I stopped anyway. At my favorite gas station, I was. I swear $2.69 is such a good price. There bathroom was not. Then I took a long hour drive home.  

By 10:30pm I was I walked through the door. Quickly took a shower and ate. The ice cream was good but I was so hungry for food.  

After posting for tomorrow I was in bed by 1am. Could not really commit to writing tonight. 


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