I Had A Great Day Off!

Sat. August 25, 2018

5 hours later.

I woke up at 7:30am to get a good start on my day. I honestly did not want to wake up but I had an urge to get going. I had place to go and people to see.

My first stop for the day was at Dunkin’ Donuts. I needed a pick me up if I was going to make it through the morning. To my surprise PUMPKIN is back! It is that time of year again for the most delicious flavor of coffee on this planet. Man was mouth happy.


(photo found on Google images)

From there I made my way to the office. By 8:50am I was sitting in the parking lot sipping on that amazing flavor. Then I walked in to a very exaggerated not literal side punch. I was told to go into the training room so I could shadow my colleague as he gave his part the presentation. It was a very different experience. Almost nerve wrecking.

After spending 2 hours talking it was time to go. It was already 1pm and training had ended at 11am.

Time to myself.

My next stop was the mall. I have not had a mall trip in a while and I must say it felt good. I did go for a purpose though. Not to just walk around wasting time, even though I did that too. I went looking for a new sport jacket. Something light and flexible. 

I have been doing research on the suits and blazers that I have. It was shocking to know that there are not just one type of jacket but multiple types. From my research I now know that I have four suit jackets, two of which have no pants – at the time I did not know I should have bought the set – and one sport jacket, which is my favorite of all time. Today I wanted to add another. I did not want a fully lined blazer. I was in the market for either an unlined or half lined jacket.

I went to Express first. They only had suits. Macy’s did not have anything that interested me. With my mojo depleting I went to eat a Wendy’s. With all of the walking I was hungry. Almost giving up I decided to continue my search at Lord and Taylor. They had a clearance rack! Filled with blazers at rip-off prices. And there it was, a half lined blazer in black for $50. I just need it for everyday use, nothing special. Just something that if I got dirty I would not mind. Perfect find.

download (1)

(photo found on Google images)

I never even heard of the brand, Laboratory? Who knows. But I literally put it on a few feet from the register. It matched what I was wearing and I did not want to hold a bag. Thanks lady for cutting the tags.

Working at home.

Around 2:30pm I made my way home. Before completing my trip, I made a stop at the bank. It has been a while and my account was starting to notice. I might have gotten an alert saying “fund me.”

Back home I changed out of my good clothes and into work clothes. The lawn was half cut and needed my attention. Me being busy lately had no time for it. When I got home I saw my father doing what he could. I finished the backyard, trimmed the hedges, cut down small trees that were growing out of the patio, pulled vines from the fence that divides the property and then sat around a fire pit relaxing with my pops as we charred cut branches from a tree in the yard. It was nice.


(photo found on Google images)

3 and a half hours later I was beat. My plan for today was to catch up on sleep. That did not happen.

Play time.

Around 6pm, as I was finishing up, my girlfriend pulled in the driveway. After welcoming her I hopped in the shower. I smelled like smoke and was covered in grass. Thanks to my nephew she had some entertainment while I relaxed.


Bitmoji ME, showering

After my shower I entertained them both.

It was an amazing time with the little guy. As dinner was cooking I decided to serve myself a batch of grapes. Out of curiosity I peeled the skin of one to expose the soft jelly insides. Then with my finger restricting most of the grape I stuck it in his mouth. As he bit down, me made a face. Did he like it? Yes he did. I had to give up a few for him to enjoy.

Then he was placed on the floor to show off. My sister wanted me to see his attempt at crawling. At first I was worried he might hurt himself but he had it down packed. He sits up, turns over onto his knees and hands, pushes over onto his belly, rolls over, sits up and repeats the whole process. Surprisingly he cleared about half of the house like that. It was funny to watch but you could see the excitement in his face from getting that face. Once he actually learns how to crawl we won’t be able to keep up.

What an ending.

When he left my girlfriend and I had dinner. I actually had two plates. For some reason I was very hungry today. Right after I topped it off with watermelon. I just could not resist. Moments later my sister came back with a cake she had baked. Of course, I had to have that too. My stomach was like a black hole. Where was it going?

Around 10pm I could not handle being awake. My girlfriend and I took an hour and change nap. Then I got up to walk her out fighting every bone in my body to stay in bed. I even tried to convince her to stay but that did not work.

As she made her way home I prepared my journal for tomorrow.

It is now late, 1:20am, and I must be up at 8 to take my drive to the café.

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