Today Was A Good Day!

Fri. August 24, 2018 

Sleep is great. 

Slept until 11am this morning after getting in from moving my car. The sun was so bright I thought my eyes would never open. While backing out to the driveway I had one eye closed and the other squinted. I do not know how but I made it. 


Bitmoji ME sun

The moment I woke from my slumber, I went down to the basement. I threw a load of clothes from the washer into the dryer that I never took care of last night. I fell asleep without thinking twice about it. If I did not need a pair for work today I might have left them there and been really upset later finding them still wet.  

Back upstairs I jumped on the computer. I needed to schedule a few things for tomorrow and get ready for Sunday. Unfortunately, I only made it till tomorrow. Sunday will have to wait. I ended up running out of time and had to leave. The time for me to go in was nearing.  

Short travels. 

Before heading off to work I had to make a pit stop. My father was hungry and did not want anything in the house. He wanted a pastrami sandwich. Being a good man and son, after complaining to myself, I added his hunger to my journey.  

A few blocks away there is a small deli. This is the only place I know where to find a good sandwich that he actually likes. Cooked pastrami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, salt and pepper. After picking up the sandwich I went to deliver it.  


(photo found on Google images)

It was quick pass by. My father was already outside sitting on the porch taking in the sun. I did not even have to call him or turn off my car. Walked it right up to him, said few words and left. I was behind schedule. Talk to you later pops.  

Messy travels. 

On the road to meet the lady I work with I needed to stop at Teixeira’s Bakery. For the first time, for me anyway, in a month, we will be at Pier 13. There was no way we could go without hoagie rolls. Since I was there, why not get iced cappuccinos. Perfect.  

The not so perfect part was me spilling a cup. Not the whole thing but quite a bit to make a big mess. The darn thing tipped over on my cup holder spilling all over my shift. I do not know if that was bad or not but it was sticky. Very sticky. I hate sticky. 

Destination reached. 

Finally, in Hoboken at the parking garage I cleaned up my mess. I tried to do as much as I could on the road but my driving started to become questionable and risking my life was not worth it. The good thing is I was prepared for it. In my back seat there is a small bottle of Armor All multi-purpose auto cleaner. I am sure it is not meant to clean up coffee spills, but it worked out fine. And now my center console is shinny. 

The pier was a bit slow today. Noting interesting happened for 7 hours. On and off busy. But not as busy as it should have been. We would have our waves of people and then nothing for a while. Surprisingly one of the trucks that have proven to be competition for us was not there. I love, but I thought that a was good thing. It did not help. 

A night to remember. 

As we were leaving the real action started. Two young females got drunk and hopped over a fence on to a boat. The one that was completely wasted was down for the count. We could hear her yelling but could not make out what she was saying. In all honesty it sounded like a whale making a mating call. Like Dory in Finding Nemo talking to the whale. It was funny. If I were the somewhat more sober friend I would have been embarrassed. Probably even threw her overboard for making a scene and getting me caught. But that’s me. Instead she was concerned and caring. 


(photo found on Google images)

What was not funny is when the father of the soberer girl, owner of the boat, showed up to get them. Pier patrol was ready to call the police but the father stormed in pissed and carried the drunk girl out with one around his neck. If you looked close enough I swear steam was coming out of his ears. Man are those little ladies in deep poo poo.  

At least they got to go home. Even though I do not think it is any better than a night in a cell. I have never been in one but I bet that’s how they’re going to feel for the next few months. 

Getting home from JC can be a hassle. 

By 12:15am I was on the way home. Traffic was insane. Once again construction. To make it worse a car broke down on the only two lane road to get through. Poor guy because there was literally no place to push it to. All he could do was wait it out until the tow truck arrived. 

When I got in the house, I showered and by 2:30am in bed. 

Up again in 5 hours. Crap. 

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