The People Around Always Matter!

Mon. August 20, 2018

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning with a very specific goal in mind. I wanted a good cup of coffee. I knew exactly where I wanted to get it from to. I was out of the house a half an hour after I woke up, 9am, just to get it before work.

Ice cappuccinos. I went to the bakery just for them. There was no order to pickup today either. Just coffee. The lady I work with is sick I and I knew it would bring some joy into her life.

Back in town!

For work, we met up in Jersey City today. It was just a simple lunch shift. Gladly too. The lady I work with is sicker than I thought. She probably needed hot tea more than anything. She did have cold tea with her but the taste of a cold cappuccino is too good to pass up.


Bitmoji ME coffee

Our day went by quick and easy. Compared to my days at the café, which are long and boring, I would rather be here until winter starts. Once the cold sets in I do not mind making a full transition to the café.

Being in on the road in the winter can be brutal.

Get ready.

Around 3:30pm we were officially headed our separate ways. She had a lot to do before she could go home. For me the opposite. I went home showered and fell asleep for an hour. My body and mind needed a nap. 

I got up at 6pm not wanting to. But I needed to. It is Monday and I have no dinner shift which meant I could be in the office. Last week I did not make it once. It affected me. There is nothing quite like starting my week off with business knowledge and a good pep talk. It fuels me and keeps the mind focused.


(photo found on Google images)

Since today was in the mid 70s, a bit chilly as well, I threw on my sport jacket. When the weather is over 80 degrees I get too hot. I can barely wear a button up without rolling the sleeves up.

What a great feeling.

I decided to go into the office early today. Beforehand I stopped at Dunkin Donuts. The nap was not enough to take my tiredness away. I needed a pick me up. The lady I work with as been getting a cold brew lately and really enjoys it so I decided to get one for myself. I was not disappointed. Surprisingly it was very good.

Since I got to the office early I was able to mingle a bit and catch up with everyone. It felt great to be back in that environment. To see all those great people and be lifted by their energy. It surprises me how one week can make a difference in my life. Hopefully I can make it back on Saturday.

For today, the training was great. We went over business analytics which really help me understand he the small details. We went through how to keep track of our numbers, business progression and ways to improve it. Something I really needed to know. Now I just need to grow.

I really need to find a way to grow my business while helping the lady I work with grow hers. Maybe I can do them both somehow?


At 9:30pm I left my teammates so I could find myself something to eat. I was extremely hungry. The quickest place to stop at along the way was Wendy’s. Other than convince going home, I really had to use the bathroom. Win, win for me!

Back home I sat in front of the computer. As I ate I watched Dragonball. I have not been doing well in re-watching the series. It might take me longer than expected.


(photo found on Google images)

After I ate I jumped onto WordPressWord and Google News. A new article is being posted soon!

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