The Need For Attention!

Sun. August 19, 2018 

Laid in bed until 815. So tired.  

Sleep has not been enough the last few days. I needed to be up early at 7:30 and even though I did open my eyes my body needed to be still. After a while I had to get up. I only had half an hour to get ready and go. 

The road to Day 2! 

Today I decided to experiment with my drive. Since I am unfamiliar with it I made the conscience decision to take different ways until I find the easiest one possible for the winter. The way I went today was beautiful – tree lines, farmland, country view – but not good for a low coupe in the snow. Now I know I cannot take that in the winter. If I do there is a high possibility of sliding and/or getting stuck. No good. 

A little after an hour I was finally at the cafe. As I set up I placed an order for a juice from our neighbor, Greenstraw. I had not eaten breakfast since I never got out of bed on time. I must say, I love having them around 


Bitmoji ME food

Shortly after the lady I work with showed up. As we started to make our space a little less crowded the general manager of the building came around to greet us. She was not what I expected. Much more pleasant, lively and someone I would not mind having a conversation with. Within a matter of minutes, she talked about her passion, or love, for food. How she and her husband travel the globe and experiment with different cuisines. I even told her I would like to go on vacation with them. It was very interesting listening to her stories. 

Fun. No fun. Fun-ish. 

Half past noon the lady I work with left me to run things alone. It was slow for lunch so I did not mind. The moment she did leave is when it picked up a bit. For about an hour I did the most work since opening. Around 2pm she returned and business died. On top of that she was not feeling well so not making money made it worse. 

I did get a pleasant surprise by girlfriend. She came down with her cousin, who is visiting from Ecuador, to support Day 2 of opening. I cannot get enough of her face so I glad to see her. But I was on the clock so most of the attention she got from me was from behind the counter. The lady I work with would not have mind if I walked off for a bit but I always feel as if I am taking advantage. I do not like that feeling. 


Bitmoji ME serving

My girlfriend and her cousin enjoyed a plate of food since they drove far to visit. Right after they went to tour the town like tourist. It was their first time in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and loved how ‘cutesy’ it was. 

Become one. 

Throughout the day I made friends with workers from the market. The people that I have met so far are great. The more I build relationships with them, the more entertaining being at the market will be. To make it better the environment is great. The people that walk in from the streets, other business owners from town and just about everyone. Over time being there will be a joy. 

The rest of the night was slow. New café on the block and no business sucks. Like I said yesterday we need to get noticed. We need to become the name that everyone looks for when they walk into the Ferry Market. I understand it will take time but I want to be noticed now. 


(photo found on Google images)

Lessons learned. 

After cleaning up we left the cafe at 8:15pm. I had an hour and change drive home with just about enough energy in me not to fall asleep. In the attempt to find a simple route home, I took all highway. No dark roads, difficult to see areas and I think the perfect route for the winter.  

Pulling into my driveway I could see my girlfriend’s car.  She was over. A shocker. Another pleasant surprise by her but this time it was not for me. She was over to see my nephew. I was just the bonus. 

Before bed I scheduled a new article for tomorrow found on WordPress by Entrepreneurship PioneerHopefully I can keep finding great articles to post.  


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