A New Place I Plan On Revisiting!

Thurs. August 16, 2018 

Oh man! 

The next few days I will be up early. For today I was up by 8:15am. Last night I planned to wake up and leave as soon as possible so I could get breakfast. I am tired of the normal cereal that I keep in the cabinet and need something else to jolt my mornings.  

Well, I had to cancel that thought. I was certain that I had gotten the timing down. I even left the house early to make it but I did not realize the time I was looking at was wrong. I only looked at it as one trip instead of two. It would have actually taken me way longer to get to the location I was going to work at if I would have stop at the random acai bowl shop I found on Google. I viewed an incomplete trip. Shame on me. 

Instead I had to settle for a Dunkin Donuts that was along the way. If it were not for it being there I would have not eaten the most important meal of the day. I wanted to go with something health but it is hard to do I a rush. So, I went with what I know best and was the quickest, a raisin bagel with butter, hash browns and pistachio latte. It was not what I had my mind set on but it hit the spot. 

No goodness. 

Today the lady I work with and I met at the Verizon headquarters we do about once a month. To our surprise there were only three of us vending today versus the usual five. Going into it I was unaware of that. I noticed when I did not see my favorite little red trailer parked behind us. Tony’s and the best chicken parmesan I have ever had was not around today. Talk about being sad. I look forward to it every time. 


(photo found on Google images)

By 2:30pm we were done. We had a pretty consistent day but compared to the usually number we do, it was slow. You would think that with less trucks there would be more business. That did not work out.

When I sat in my car the time on my phone said 3:45. We were definitely out of there early and I liked it. The rest of the day was mine to enjoy. 

Last minute. 

I made it home fairly quick, 4:15pm. The ride was smooth and traffic-less. After chatting with my father for a bit, I had to let him go so I could shower. Last minute, with the time I was given, my girlfriend and I decided to go out. Originally, we were going to stay in but going out for food persuaded me easily. 

As I waited for her to pick me up I got dressed. I was in charge of finding a place to eat before she got to me. I had plenty of time to do so but got distracted on WordPress and Google News. Lucky I am a pro at using Google Maps so I was able to find something quick.  

Now when I say quick, my girlfriend was already outside waiting for me, 7pm. As I was walking out the door I found it. A place we could eat, drink and have a great time. A place we have never been to or even heard of. It was a bit far but the menu looked good. Not only that but in pictures the place looked big and interestingly entertaining.  

Not too shabby. 

At Blu Alehouse was where we ended up. The pictures did no justice to describe how big it was. Two floors, massive seating areas, decent sized bar, gigantic screens to watch whatever. The place was amazing. A bit shocking actually. 


(photo found on Google images)

The food was okay. Great for the size of the place and volume of people for sure. Typically places like that lose their flavor after serving so many dishes. This place held its ground.

For appetizers we ordered two plates of buffalo shrimp. After the first one we needed another. For my entree I had honey ginger glazed salmon. It was the first time I had ever had my fish flavored that way and it was good. To pair with it I tried two different cups of beer. One was a guava IPA called “Evil Genius” and the second was a hazy, smooth New England IPA loaded with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavors called “Wet Ticket.” They were SO GOOD! 

With the night ended we headed home. In bed we relaxed before falling out. It was a great for us. Emotional, loving and a close connection.



I had a very proud moment at the restaurant. To the point where I cried. My nephew stood himself up for the time. My sister sent me photo and I just could not help it. Hes growing so fast. 



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