A Day At The Café of Uncertainty!

Weds. August 15, 2018 

Before the alarm. 

It was an early start for me. I woke up at 7:30am to move my car. Truth be told my mind was racing at 1,000 way earlier. I just laid there as it went on. All I could think about was the SUV I wanted but had to put on hold for future endeavors 

Back inside the house I decided to get busy. I posted my daily journal, quote and then put together an article for Saturday. Well I read one. I just need to shorten it for a quick read and make sure all points are touched. My choice for Saturday really hits home for me. It has taken me 3 years to get my business started and I still cannot seem to make it my number one priority. It is pretty sad. 


Bitmoji ME sad


Around 9:15am I through a load of clothes into the washer for tomorrow. I needed my work stuff washed and smelling clean. As they spun in the washer I took a short nap. My tiredness kicked in from waking up early. I thought if I kept busy I could stay awake. It did not work. I actually got tired quicker making me think I should have just slept sooner. But I got things done so I was proud of myself. 

I woke up at 10:15 and ran straight down to the basement to put my clothes in the dryer. I had to get ready to go. I still had not eaten breakfast and had a chiropractor appointment at noon, 12pm. After getting dressed and doing my hair I was out of the house by 10:45. Will I make it? Is what went through my head.  

The journey. 

First stop was The Dancing Blender for breakfast. A bantigo bowl with soy milk to go please! It was a 10 minute wait that I needed to go quicker. Rushing out of there I hit the road with force. I had 15 minutes to cut across town so I could hop onto the parkway. While scurrying through I ate my bowl. I was so hungry that it was barely gone, a spoon left, just before I made the merge on the parkway. 


Sitting in traffic the question hit me again. Will I make it? The GPS said I would but with the traffic the way it was, I had doubts. Once it cleared up I had to put my driving skills to the test. I needed to make up at least 2 minutes if I wanted to be ON TIME. I should have skipped breakfast. 

With 5 minutes to spare I walked in that office as if I had just won a prize. I was gloriously victorious. I could not believe it.  

The appointment went great. I got a massage, had my muscles loosened and then got cracked. It was a pleasure being on that table bed thing. Before leaving I stayed to chit chat with an old college mate. I have not seen her in a while so it was good to catch up. We should hang out more but sometimes I barely have time for my best friend or girlfriend. Work always gets the best of me. I never know how to delegate my time. 

The new place. 

From there I met the lady I work with at her house. The café passed inspection with flying colors yesterday and we were approved to start today. Being that we have yet to actually try out the equipment we made it priority to do so today. We were very surprised to realize just how unprepared we were. There were very important items missing like trays, knives, paper towel holders, foil and other things.  

Once the equipment was going and we got food warmed up, she plated a few things and passed it out to the other vendors in the building. A token of friendship.  

After that we walked over to The Landing Restaurant for a few drinks and appetizers. We need a calming place to sit while we came up a game plan for Friday. What better place than along a river with a beautiful view. I think it was the perfect spot. With a list of things we needed, we will be back for another run, hopefully fully prepared.  


(photo found on Google images)

Until next time. 

Back at the café we packed up and headed out. It was 7:30pm and we had an hours drive ahead of us. On the way back to her house we stopped at Five Guys to pick up food for her son. While the food was being cooked we went next door to Banana Republic. The selection of blazers were great. Thick and a bit heavy but for winter I might want one. Something to consider. But I did not go in for me. She needed to buy her boyfriend some brief underwear. With the merchandise in hand we went to pick up the food and continued back.  

At her house we – her son, her and I – unloaded everything. She took off to pick up stuff for tomorrow as I stayed talking to her son. He likes to build Gundam figures and wanted to show me his latest. I must say that are very cool. His patients in amazing. I do not think I would be able to complete it properly with all of the tedious pieces, stickers and paint. He recommended I try one so it will also be considered. 

I made it home a little after 10pm and jumped right into the shower. I wanted to wash off and relax in front the computer. This hardware is my life, pride and joy. I would be sad if something happened to it.  


Bitmoji ME, showering


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