I Almost Did It!

Tues. August 14, 2018 


I was able to get a lot of rest this morning. I did not have to wake up until 10:30am because I only worked one shift today, the dinner shift. Man do I love nights! 


Bitmoji ME relaxing

Since I had plenty of time before work, I got started with the usual. I wrote for a bit, posted an article for tomorrow, and even went out for breakfast.  

I am super excited for the article. It is based on what venture capital firms what to see or expect when teams of people walk into their offices for a presentation. I thought the information not only pertained to these firms but throughout in general. A few tips I took from the article would be:  

  • Stick to three – do not bring an army into a meeting. 
  • Have a conversation – do not make it about the presentation. 
  • Sell yourself & vision – people follow who you are and where you are going. 

The article has much more to it and I hope someone else feels the same. 

Around 12:30 my mother and I went out to pick up lunch. My father was in the mood for oxtail so after getting it we kept it moving. For she and I wanted a late breakfast. We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee, a bagel and a sandwich. Once back home laid back and watched TV. 

I left for work around 3pm. 

Then the time came. I had to get uncomfortable and get ready to head out. I had set a plan before I left my house to see a Honda CR-V at dealership that was for sale. It was about 20 minutes away from where I was going to be. The greatest. It was the best scenario and most efficient way to get it done.  

Somewhere near the dealership I was a bit confused. After speaking to about three different people I finally found the right place. Picture this, a long but short building with about six different dealers in it. I had never seen anything like it. How do they compete with each other? Who makes the most money? It seemed weird to me that they would set themselves up like that. Either way I found the right dealer and was able to see the car. 


(photo found on Google images)

It was the perfect one! Everything I wanted and more. The right year, great mileage and in mint condition. I only saw one problem but it was super minor. The only downfall was the dealership itself. They had no reliability. They did not do maintenance, AT ALL, on their vehicles. All cars were ‘AS-IS’ and that was it. I wanted it but did not get it. I had to think more about it. Am I really in the position to buy it? Should I spend the money? Is this place the best place? I need an SUV but I have to think about my future finances first. I want to buy a house and it is more important to me than a new ride. I will sleep on it for a few nights. 

I ran late! 

The sales person had a lot to say but I also had a lot to ask. I need to make sure that I if actually bought it, what the process would be to finalize it. After talking I realized I ran my mouth for too long. But it was ok. I had a feeling I was not the only one behind schedule. 

And I was right! Five miles away from the site I ending up spotting the lady I work with about four cars ahead of me. We were a traffic lights time apart from each other. As I pulled into the site where we were going to be stationed, I could see her parking. Making my way around the roundabout she called me to see where I was.  

Me: “Behind you.”  

Her: “Hurry up and help me.”  

I died laughing. She did not expect me to be so close when I told her earlier I was going to be late. 

Just about set up, we had a little issue. It was more of a misunderstanding. Another vendor showed up. We thought we were supposed to be alone but the schedule had been revised without our knowledge. We never confirmed our position for tonight so it was filled. (Good to know for next time.) Usually if a schedule has our name on, we go. If not, we email or verbally cancel. For some reason tonight was different but we were cool with it. It was raining and was going to be a slow night anyway. We shared the spot.   

The night went on. 

With everything settles and our night prep for she asked to use my car. She wanted to get a few things from the Asian market Mitsuwa for the café. While there she picked up snack for the night. Rice balls, spicy tuna and salmon. When she goes there I cannot help myself from putting in a request. They are so good! 

Around 8:35pm we closed up. Just as suspected, it was slow. But we had a good time. I also learned something new. Of a British comedy group by the name of Monty Python. Apparently, she loves their work but after see a few clips of it, I do not know why. After hanging around for a bit chit chatting we finally finished cleaning and left. 


(photo found on Google images)

Home by 10:30pm and in the shower.  

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