Even In The Rain There Are Surprises!

Mon. August 13, 2018

Rain, rain go away!

Today did not seem like it was going to be worth going out. It was wet and actually a little chilly. The rain had a cold to it that made you want to put a sweater on. The lady I work with did not feel like rushing because of it so we met up later than usual.


Bitmoji ME rain

I woke up earlier than I needed to, 8am, to get ready to head into Jersey City. If I would have known we were meeting later I would have slept for an extra half an hour. But since I was up and already set to go I left with a mission in mind.

I had to pick up our order from the bakery. So why not spend some time waiting for the best coffee? After getting the order from the factory end, I went around front, to the store, for iced cappuccinos. Whenever I can get them, they will be bought. They truly are amazing drinks.

Taste buds were happy.

In Jersey City I waited for the lady I work with to show up as I enjoyed my delicious cup of coffee. The weather was blue but not my mood. When she arrived we got to work, slowly. With the rain as it was we were not expecting to do much but prep for a catering we had right after. It was a small one so we did not really need much.

With that being said, we were wrong. Once we opened up we were kept busy. Our regulars came out with umbrellas and jackets ready to eat. They were determined to enjoy our flavors. If it were me, no matter how good something taste, I would not walk out in the rain for it. But the unexpected happened and we were ok with it. We appreciate it.

Beautiful place.

From there we made our way to the catering. It was a 40 minute drive and pretty decent at that. There were not as many people on the road as I thought there would be. I guess the fact that summer break is still in effect helps. Normally riding the highway at 3:30pm would be crazy with parents trying to get to their children on time.

With 2 minutes to go we drove through a maze. The catering was taking place at a country for the workers, family and friends. To get there we passed by a few really nice homes. One that I had to take a picture of because it reminds me of what I want my future home to look like. The red door is an addition that my girlfriend loves. It was a nice big place with plenty of property.


Getting back to the country club, within a half an hour from when we parked we opened up. The organizer wanted us to open before contracted time. The rain had finally broken and she wanted to take advantage of it. She was a lovely person so we accommodated. I also think the people there were ready to eat. As we were setting up, with the window closed, people tried to order. Unfortunately, we just got there so nothing was ready.

Since we opened early, there was hope of us leaving early. Right? That was not the case. Since the rain had held up we were there for the long run. The contracted time did not matter one bit. First, we stayed 15 minutes after and then another 10. By the time we closed up it was a little after 6pm. I must say, I was glad the rain held up for the people to enjoy themselves. It was a concern whether or not the day was going to be canceled.

They came!

I was home by 7:30pm and excited. My new glasses came in while I was at work and all I could think about getting to them. The way I cut that box open I should be classified a professional. It was swift and with ease. I really wanted to try them on. But Warby Parker knows how to package their merchandise. You have the outside box, then an inside box, to finally make it to the glasses case, where you can pull them out for use. Great job protecting them guys! 


Warby Parker Seymour

After the excitement I jumped in the shower to wash off the stickiness from the rain and sweat. From then on, the rest of the night went to playing Call of Duty World at War.

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