Basically Research All Day!

Sun. August 12, 2018 

Right off the bat! 

The moment I woke up, 10:30am, I glued myself to the mesh chair that sits in front of my computer. I had a determination to find a great article. I also needed to know how to draw more attention to the page.  


Bitmoji ME confused

After reading through articles that I had saved, a decision was made. Tomorrow’s article was set and I hope someone can make use of it. Throughout my search I also looked into the ‘tags’ that are used to identify the post. I will be testing them out from now on to see what works best. I do not quit understand them. They say more than 15 is too much and less than 3 is not good. Is there a sweet spot for the number of tags to use? How can I use them to draw more attention? 

I got out of my seat around noon to have a late breakfast. I was starving myself until I finished. I used pancakes and coffee as my motivation to complete my tasks for the morning. With a job well done came the reward. 

Family matters. 

The rest of the day I basically spent with the family – mother, father, sister, nephew, grandpa and uncle. We had a full house today.  

But I did not spend all of my time with them. I was in and out of the living room, just showing my face enough to be present. I wanted to relax a bit by myself so I watched a lot of Dragon Ball to then played Call of Duty until it kicked it off the servers, like last night. After getting kicked I switched over to Fortnite until I got wrecked.  


For the past couple of months, I have been looking to buy another car, an SUV. I need something that can handle snow for the winter because last year was a bit rough with my small coupe. I will be driving a lot in it this year going from where I live up into Pennsylvania. While learning about ‘the buying process’ I discovered that I needed good credit for a decent payment plan. I have always bought my cars cash so this is new to me. Being that my credit is not that good – student loans and such – I taught myself how to increase my credit score. But apparently it takes time, which I do not have. Then I thought about using the car payments to actually build my credit.  

Will work in my favor?

With that question in mind my research was cut short so I could look after my nephew while everyone stepped out to run their own errands. My mother and uncle went to take grandpa home. My sister went to check out a hall for my nephews first birthday in October. And father was working in the yard doing who knows what.  


About an hour later my sister returns with dinner for the house. Being as hungry as I was, I dug in without waiting. I had the great taste of Burnet BBQ to fill my stomach. Moments after finishing my mother and uncle came back with groceries. My uncle came down from Florida and was supposed to spend the night here but changed his mind during some point. Once he left we all went our separate ways. 

I showered and sat in front of the computer trying to develop an action plan for the blog as well as figure out where to buy the SUV I want.  


(photo found on Google images)


Happy monthly anniversary my love! 



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