Wedding, Errands & Back to PARTY!

Fri. August 10, 2018

It is weird to wake up without a car. 

I got up around 9:30am with the urge to go out for breakfast. I was thinking about sitting down somewhere for a warm cooked meal. Then I remembered I had no car. It really needed maintenance with the air conditioner busted, muffler falling off and check engine light glowing bright. Since my father works close to the shop I had him drop it off beforehand.

Since I was stuck in the house I worked on a post for tomorrow. It is a TED talk video about a gentleman named Paul Tasner and how he became an entrepreneur at the age of 66. It made me happy to actually have something set for the Motivation page. I am now thinking about posting an article every Wednesday and Saturday morning for a month or so to see how it works out. I want to draw more attention to the blog but I really have no ‘niche’ except for my daily story.

While writing I washed two loads of clothes. I always feel as if the more I wash the more I use. I wash clothes every two days just about.

Sometimes I take longer than a girl.

Around 1pm I walked into the bathroom with a serious determination. I needed to get ready for the big night. A high school friend of ours, my girlfriend and I, is getting married today. They are the best people you could probably meet. I even took off of work just to support the couple just as I did at their engagement party back in 2017 and now it is time to make it official.

To get myself ready I had to shave my face. I like having a short wild beard but I needed to look a bit more presentable. I knew what type of crowd was going to be there so I made sure to look clean. Low trimmed beard, shaped up nicely with straight edge razor lines. It must have taken me 20 minutes. Then I hoped in the shower to wash off my body from the combination of hair and sweat.

Out of the shower I had to find something to wear. I thought I had it planned it but plans do not always work. I must have tried on at least 4 different combinations with my suit before I actually found one that I liked. For my outfit, I went with a traditional black suit, white shirt and then add some flare to it. I had a 70s brown polka dot skinny tie, a brown belt and shoes to match. I must say it was sharp.


Time was short!

Around 2pm my girlfriend showed up. Since my car was in the shop she was my only transportation for the day. It was perfect though because she still needed to get dressed for the wedding. She had to work today and got out later than she should have. Unfortunately, that meant we had to rush a little. Half an hour to finish getting ready and leave the house.

After watching her get dressed I was stunned. The beauty that this woman emits is heavenly. She wore a black and white dress that she looked marvelous inThe two of us together were definitely a power couple tonightI love you!

By the time we made it to the church we were late. It was supposed to start at 3pm but I think they might have started sooner. We were only 5 minutes behind and the bride and groom to be were already standing at the altar with the priest. Side by side. Hand in hand. They looked extraordinary standing up there together.

The wedding was held in Sacred Heart Cathedral. A very big and nice church with no air conditioning. This was probably the first wedding that I have ever attended and I must say I am not a big fan of them so far. It was a bit boring and since it was in Spanish I had a hard time following. However, I am Hispanic but was raised in a more American community so the Spanish never stuck with me. I am in the process of learning it now but it is complicated.


(photo found on Google images)

The in between.

We left the church as everyone stood out front chit chatting. We needed to pick up a wedding card for tonight’s event. At CVS I went on a card hunt while my girlfriend looked at makeup. She left he kit at work and had nothing on hand. After she read my pick, she went to find another. For the record I did put out a disclaimer ahead of time saying it might suck. After making the purchase we took a drive to Wendy’s for a snack. We were starving.

As she drove we ate. We needed to be at her eye doctor’s office before 6pm so she could pick up her contacts. She wanted to wear them for the reception tonight and during her weekend trip in Atlantic City. After getting those we went to her place so she could do her thing before heading off to the party.

The reception.

It was held in a beautiful and fancy place. As soon as you walked in cocktail hour began. There was an open bar, tables with hors d’oeuvres, waitresses walking around with more, and wonderful seating areas. Not too long after having a drink we were all invited into the main room for the big event and dinner. From there the night took with a lot of dancing, eating and drinking. It was a blast!


(photo found on Google images)

By 11:15pm we were walking out of there. I wanted to stay but my love had to be at work in the morning. I had to respect her sleep so goodbye fun, hello bed!



The car the newly married couple drove off in was awesome. An all white 1960-something Rolls Royce. What a beaut!


(photo found on Google images)


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