The Date I Have Been Waiting For!

Sun. August 5, 2018

Nightfall horror.

Last night was a rough one. I got up to pee at least FOUR times and each time whining about the last. When morning came I wanted nothing more than to sleep in until noon. But that could not happen. Today was going to be awesome.

I got out of bed around 9:30am and jump right on the computer. I worked on a few things for about an hour before I got up to use the bathroom. Apparently last night was not enough. Then back to the keyboard as the brain juices mixed.


Bitmoji ME thinking

Around 12:30pm I had myself a cup of coffee as I looked through my closet for 90 degree weather clothing. Today was going to be hot, actually it was already hot. After putting on 3 different pairs of shorts I found one I really enjoyed. I do not wear shorts often so sometimes they feel funny. To go with my chino shorts was a light grey polo and all white Adidas sneakers. A half an hour later I was on the road headed to my girlfriend’s house.

A long overdue date.

Finally, there I let myself in with the spare key I have in my car for emergencies. My girlfriend was doing her sister’s hair and could not let me in. I just made myself comfortable by grabbing a fresh banana and cold bottle of water.

20 minutes later she comes down from her room. The entire time I thought she was in the studio so I did not even bother to check upstairs. I even unlocked the back door because I thought they locked themselves out. I was very surprised. Why were they so quiet!? Apparently her sister was reading a book out loud to them and I just could not hear.

The moment she came down we gather our stuff and headed out. We were going in the city today. New York, New York. There is an eye glass place called Warby Parker with really nice frames. A couple of months ago my girlfriend actually put two pairs on hold. All she needed was her prescription for the order to finalize so today was the day to do it.


(photo found on Google images)

The trip into New York was a ‘sarcastic’ blast. We got lost adding 15 minutes to the GPS and then had to sit in traffic as we made our way to the Holland Tunnel and then through. We did get into New York until 3:30pm. Surprisingly finding parking was not so bad. We drove around the block 3 times and voila, a spot opened up as we pulled into the street. It was only a two block walk away the shop and we were there.

We even visited the Apple store to use their bathroom. After sitting in traffic for 45 minutes our bladders were hurting. Thank you Apple for having clean public bathrooms.

Next on the list.

While my girlfriend got her glasses situated I decided to get myself a pair as well. I needed a new pair with my updated prescription so it worked out. But the purchase was almost on impulse. I needed them but did not really want them. I am glad though. I know when they arrive in a few days I will be more than satisfied.


(found on Warby Parker)

Finished with the glass talk she and I took a walk around for a bit. We were hungry so that was our next mission. Thanks to Google Maps I was able to find a Cuban restaurant about a 7 minute walk away. The name was not very creative, Cuba, but the place was nice. Outside does not do it justice. The food was even better. Nothing like I thought it would be. I had medium well salmon with coconut rice, shrimp and lobster sauce. It was phenomenal! It was also the first time someone ever asked what rarity I wanted my fish.


She and I also shared a pitcher of sangria which I drank most of. I might have left there a bit tipsy. Good thing I was not driving. But on the walk back to the car with the heat and exercise that buzz quickly evaporated. I was a bit sad.

Done in the Big Apple.

Leaving New York was a piece of cake compared to getting in.

On the way back, I even had my girlfriend make a pit stop. I wanted a really good acai bowl from the place that introduced it to me, Tiki Bowls. Compared to the place by my house I would prefer these guys any day. Their bowls taste fresher and the servings are larger.


Back at her house by 7:30pm and ready to relax we dropped ourselves on the couch. For about 2 hours we tried to stream a TV show, “The Missing, but the internet kept dropping forcing me to stop it entirely. I tried my best to keep it going but I was so annoyed and over it. Back to actual cable we flipped through the channels until we found a good movie. The remote landed on SyFy because they were playing “Rush Hour 3.” One of our favorite series of movies and a perfect way to end the night.

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