Have You Ever Been Here…

Fri. August 3, 2018 

A fantastic day awaits!

I woke up at 9:45am with the intent to get up a lot earlier. To add to it I stayed in bed until 10:20 when I realized my morning was running short. I needed to leave by 11 in order to hit the road and meet with the lady I work with. Today was our day off but we decided to hang out and head into PA. 

Before heading her way, I made a stop at the bank to deposit some money. My account was getting low and bills needed to get paid. I really wanted to stop somewhere for breakfast but I left the house after 11 cutting my drive time. All morning I was thinking about an acai bowl and how delicious it would be. Too bad I could not stop. Making my way to her I could tell today’s weather was going be weird. The clouds were grey but very blue in certain spots. Almost like yesterday but a bit sunnier.  

At her house by 12pm we hit the road together. Today was going to be my first day seeing her new café. I have been meaning to take a drive for it but never had the opportunity so I was excited we were going. I was probably more excited to hang out with her outside of work.  

What a meal! 

The café is in New Hope, Pennsylvania. About an hour out from where we live. It is far but well worth it. The town is beautiful. Lots to see, do and eat. The best part is that the really good food is across the bridge in Lambertville. Before she took me to see the café we stopped at an amazing Mexican Peruvian restaurant, El Tule. From the outside it looks like a house but on the inside a completely different feel. Small but spacious, warm and comforting and just a great place to be. They even have seating outside so people can enjoy the weather while they eat.  


While there we placed our order as we waited for her delivery of supplies to arrive at the café. It was the main reason for being in town. The second our food hit the table she got a call. The delivery was waiting for her. She had to go. Leaving me at the table with two plates of food. Man the looks I got were intense. They must have thought she had broken up with me. If only they knew it was business. It was funny. The waitress even wrapped up her food to go. For 30 minutes I must have looked lonely because the waitress was very sweet.  


The lady I work with did come back and the waitress being as sweet as she was re-plated the food and heated it up. Great place. 

The new place, sort of. 

After getting our fills we went back into New Hope so I could get a tour. First up was the café. Nice and spacious with 13 or so shops ranging from deserts to drinks to meals. I cannot wait to start working the counter. It is going to be a great change of pace for the winter. Not only that, I plan on making friends with everyone there so I can try all of their foods. 


(photo found on Google images)

After that we walked the town as we waited for her second delivery to arrive. We viewed the river bend from a place we probably should not have. Visited many shops with many random and interested things. Especially this one really cool shop Celt-Iberia Traders Inc by the Bucks County Playhouse. They had very well-crafted jewelry, clothing, pottery and little items.  

Speaking of clothing they had a really nice blazer that I wanted. It cost $250 but would have looked great on me. The only problem was they did not have slim sizes. The smallest blazer they had I could swim in. But there was a hat she really liked but did not want to buy herself. After talking about it for 15 minutes I picked it up, brought it to the register and handed the man my debit card. She did not want me to buy it but the hat looked cute on her and she deserved it.  

Walking back to the café she was able to get in contact with the delivery driver of her second shipment. His estimate of time was horrible. Sitting at the café we waited for a half an hour for him come. While waiting we had smoothies and juice from our new neighbors, GreenStraw. I have a feeling we will be buying from them often. 


(photo found on Google images)

The side job. 

Finally arriving, the delivery man rolled the merchandise across the street and through the door on his pallet jack. Him leaving us, we were a bit screwed. He left the salad bar blocking a doorway that is unusable, as instructed, but the property manager, maybe someone else, was not having it. We had to unpack the heavy thing that required more work than necessary. After cutting the plastic wrap and cables we had to cut the box open. Simple. The complicated part was ripping the wooden planks apart from themselves to get it out. It took us a bit. 

Around 7:15pm we finished and headed out. To reward ourselves she introduced me to a very tasty ice cream shop called oWowCowHandmade ice cream with multiple unique flavors. It was so good that after walking around town eating it, I went back for a cup to eat on the way home.  


(photo found on Google images)

We got to her house by 8:30, said our goodbyes as she left to pick up a few more items for a catering we have tomorrow. I sat with her some chatting before his friend came by. At that moment I took off. I was beat from the heat of the day.  

Home by 10 I relaxed for a bit before jumping in the shower to turning in for the night. 


The entire day it rained on and off. What is up with this weather?

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