What An Interesting Day !

Tues. July 31, 2018 

Early for a bit. 

I woke up at 7:30am to check my phone for a text. I knew I had to work today but I did not have a time or address to be there. Knowing the lady I work with, I expected nothing less than an early morning message with the details. 

After reading and responding to her, I made a grave mistake. I thought I could fall back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes. Well, I got plenty of rest but a whole hours’ worth. When I opened my eyes to check the time I let out a single curse word to express my emotions at that time. I had 15 minutes to get ready and leave. No time to do my hair, write, eat breakfast, nothing.  


Bitmoji ME, wth!

Moving along. 

Along the way to meet the lady I work with, a pitstop was made. I needed coffee if I was going to make it through our shift. A 10 minute ride away stood a Starbucks. I could see it glowing in the sun. It was my safe haven. Two large cups of iced coffee and pumpkin bread to go. I was all set and back on track. With coffee in my system I had a little ‘umph’ to me. I was ready to start.  

Finally at the location we had a big of a hiccup finding a place to park. There was a large industrial dumpster blocking the path. After the organizer made the crew move it we were golden. Speaking of the organizer, she might have been sending me a few mixed signals. Signals that I was not interested in but were obvious, maybe. It could be in my head and she could have been one of those really friendly type but this is how it started. 

I pulled up in front of her as she denied me a place to park until I told her I was with the lady. After double parking and chatting I went to open my door for more air flow. My air conditioner is busted so it gets hot quick. She then grabbed my door, opened it all the way and stood there in front of it as if she was blocking me in. We must have become close buddies in those 5 minutes of chatting. As I made my way past her, leaving my car in its place, she hung out at it until I came back to park. After parking we chatted some more where she started to fidget in place playing with her dress.  


Bitmoji ME, confused

I am very bad at reading ‘flirt.’ Sometimes it has to be explained to me so I might have imagined it all. But when the lady I work with brought it up, describing everything that happened in detail, I guess it was not in my head. She was watching from afar enjoying the show the entire time 

Short shift. 

We set up and got right to it. By 11am we were ready to go. After sitting there for 45 minutes, waiting, we then got busy. In waves of 10 people at a time we kept a nice pace going. In between the waves a few people looked at us and walked away. It was sad because 90% of them did not even say hello. Eventually, the shift was over. I hoped more people would come but they never did. By 2pm I was packing up because the crowd was no longer around.  

I was home by 3:45 and right back to work. The fence that divides my property from the neighbors had grown vines on it that irrigated me every time I walked down the driveway to my car. They would brush up against me like a creepy old man try to get a feel. I had enough of it so I handled it. I cut it all down. The vines, weeds, some flowers, new growth trees. All of it.  

When I got home the original plan was to work on my car. After finishing with the distractions, I focused on it. It needs a good mechanic but I did what I could. A simple oil check and spark plug change. Then I made my way into in the house for a shower. The sun was beaming on me the entire time turning my body into a giant sticky pad. I had grass stuck to my legs and arms and grease marks all over my hands. I probably should have hosed myself down out back first. 


Bitmoji ME, showering

Time to end it. 

For dinner I heated up left over cheese ravioli from Olive Garden while I started to watch season 6 of “Arrow.” While watched and once dinner was finished, I folding 3 bags of laundry that I had piled up in a corner. I did a big wash the other day and left it in the bag after drying them.  

Around 8:30pm my girlfriend came over to hang out. She was glad to see my nephew. He’s has gotten big over the past 10 months. I remember him being so small and sleeping all the time. Now he has a walker that he loves and six teeth that he tries to use for everything. They grow up so fast. 

The rest of the night she and I laid in bed relaxing. 


I opened up an Amazon package that I was expecting for the past 2 day. My USB Type-C cables finally arrived. 1 x 4ft and 1 x 0.5ft. Excited for the spare cables!  

20180801_121241 (1)

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