I Had A Grand O’Day Doing ME!

Mon. July 30, 2018

Just the beginning.

Man do I look forward to my days off. The best part is that this is one of two for the week. I was able to wake up late at 10:30am with peace and comfort. I did not have to worry about rushing to leave or putting clothes on. I even had breakfast when I felt hungry rather than when I needed to. A lovely fresh pot of coffee and a cranberry cream cheese pastry. Living the life. 


Bitmoji ME

My afternoon home.

From 1 – 3pm I read multiple articles actually setting one for this Wednesday. I also found quotes that were interesting and started to stockpile a few for the future. Sometime I read these quotes and I just cannot relate to them forcing me to search through pages until one truly connects. Today I actually found a bunch that I enjoyed so much I could not let go.

The article as well was amazing. It comes from a man by the name Scott Oldford, who would not let failure get the way of accomplishing his goals and helping others around him do the same. The article is called “This Is Why You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business” and is about how money, even though it does not bring happiness, can allow one to break past their norm and discover who they truly are. I found it enlightening and hope every else does too.

In the middle of it all – the quotes, articles, blogging – I took time to watch an episode of “Supernatural.” The season is coming to an end and it makes me sad. So many twists have accrued that I just want it to continue. Waiting around for more is almost torturous. Thankfully I have not gotten to the end yet.

My evening out.

Around 3:15pm I took a shower. My girlfriend was supposed be with a client today but the appointment was canceled leaving me with enough time to see her before going into the office. Along the way to her house I stopped at one of my favorite pizzerias. I do not like them for their pizza but for their cheeseburgers. But not the normal kind. It is a double Italian cheeseburger with French fries stuffed inside. The best I have had so far. Probably the only if I think about it.


(photo found on Google images)

At my girlfriend’s house I devoured the sandwich. I was so hungry because of the little breakfast I had. I enjoyed sipping my coffee and munching on my pastry but it was not filling in the slightest. After stuffing my face, I had the itis. Too much went down in too short of a time. From that moment on we laid on the couch watching TV as we cuddled. Then I had to get ready to leave.

Monday night means office night and boy, have I missed it. Along the way I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a refresher. I wanted something cold so what better than a frozen pistachio coffee. Perfect for waking me up a bit and keeping me cool. By 7:20pm I was pulling into the parking lot with my music blasted enjoying the classics from 101.1, WCBS-FM. Man was I feeling good!


(photo found on Google images)

My night.

After such a great training session I was fired up more than ever. I was able to hear the story of a man I look up to about his 30+ years in the business and his respect for the company we work with. The way he spoke you could hear the passion and gratitude with every word. He is a humble man and someone I want to follow. I really missed being surrounded by achievers and dreamers. Thanks Mike H! 

We ended around 9pm but I stayed for an hour talking to team about building our businesses and increasing incomes. What are the odd that I read an article about 6 figures this afternoon and today it was verified in a short talk. Today proved that money can help people just as much as it could destroy them. I am grateful to be around people who can teach me to do right in life and business.


(photo found on Google images)

On the way home I stopped at McDonalds for a quick meal. Chicken nuggets, fries and a sprite. Not a fan but I was too tired to stop anywhere else. It was more of a convivence thing since it was on the route I take home. Everything else was either in town or the town over.

Finally home I watched YouTube while I ate and off to bed.

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