Day 2 At The Vineyard & No Balloons!

Sun. July 29, 2018

Today started like every other day. 

I woke up at 8:15am to get ready for work. I had to leave at 8:45 but left later than I should have. I had a half an hour to get to the lady I work with.

Unlike yesterday, everyone was making their way down the parkway. I assume to the shore but the weather, yesterday, was way better for it than today. The forecast was about the same but the air felt less hot. I guess that would be less humid.

I got to her house right on time. Pulling into her driveway at 9:30am. I could tell from the looks of things that she was ready to go. When she walked out of the house, she had nothing more than a purse across her body and phone in hand. The truck was already loaded and set. It was just missing our bodies and the key to be put in the ignition.


(photo found on Google images)

Today was day two of being at Unionville Vineyards. We were invited to vend for their Summer Artisan Market where they had craft and gourmet vendors along with live music and wine tasting. It was truly an honor to be asked to stay for the two days. But before actually getting there, we made a few stops for the important items we were going to need. For example, we went to Target because they had a Starbucks. It is hard to start a day without a good cup of joe. Like I said yesterday, Dunkin’ Donuts was not an option. Next, right across the lot, we walked into Costco for cases of water. We learned that water was a very important product to have since everyone was outside.

Then from there we continued our course.

We’re back baby!

We made it to the winery at 11am, way before the estimated time of arrival. With an hour to set up, we were ready within 30 minutes. We even opened up earlier than we had to. It was a beautiful sunny day without the heat and she wanted to get started as soon as we could. I would have preferred to prepare more but I was okay with it.

Just as yesterday, a few towns over, was a balloon festival.  Once again, we assumed most people would be there instead of hanging out with us. Not to blame them because if I had the opportunity I would have loved to see a few hot air balloons take off in their mysterious fashion. I have only seen it in video but I have heard in person is much better.


(photo found on Google images)

Today’s business was just about the same as it was yesterday. We were on and off. We would get short burst of people come and order to then go dead for minutes. The upside was that she left her son home so it was not too crowded and air could flow nicely. I did miss his company though.

The other vendors knew a secret that we did not.

We could see a few of them start to pack up. We wondered why did not look too hard into it. We just figured they had sold out or simply had to be on their way. It was not until 4:50pm that we informed of the secret by a customer. A customer who paid close attention their newsletters. He was the one to let us know that the winery actually closed early on Sundays. Instead of it closing at 6pm, like yesterday, it closed at 5 today. At that point we shocked. 10 minutes till closing?

We headed out around 6pm back her house. If we would have known about the hours sooner we could have left sooner. Once there I unloaded her truck with the help of her son. I was glad to see him but he had this heavy aura on him that made it seem like he did not want to be bothered. Not wanted to force a conversation out of him, I left and went straight home to shower.

The rest of the night I sat in front of the computer looking up USB Type-C charging cable and articles to post on the Motivation page. I might have found a few that I like.


(photo found on Google images)

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