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“Life is trying things to see if they work.”
– Ray Bradbury

The Great Laziness!

Tues. August 28, 2018 

The beginning of nothing. 

Before I went to bed I planned on doing nothing when I woke up. At 7:30 that began. I got up to move my car and the moment I walked outside I knew stepping foot out there would not happen for the rest of the day. It was already 85 degrees. Too hot for me to handle so early in the morning.  

As soon as I got back in the house I went right back to sleep. It was my day off and I planned to take full advantage of doing with it. Unexpectedly I even slept have of it away. From the moment I shut my eyes I was stiff as board not waking up until a little after 1pm. That was the greatest sleep I have had in months. 

I really started it. 

To start of the day as non-productive as possible, I watched TV. If I was going to relax I was going to do it the right way. But lying in bed was not cutting it for me. I think I grew a sore spot. To shake it off around 4pm I separated a load of laundry. To get a bit of cardio in I walked them to the basement where the washing machine is. That was a trip I tell you. 

While the machine washed my clothes I sat in my desk chair and streamed “My Hero Academia.” I had been a while since I have an episode. HOLY CRAP WAS IT GREAT! I must have watched 10 episodes jumping out of my seat with each one. It was insanely intense. Then I was a little more productive and jumped on WordPress. I had found a great article that I read about 3 times just to fully get an understanding of it. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it.   


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Finished off as I started. 

Right after finishing my posts, 7pm, I jumped back into the laziness of my day. I watched a few videos on YouTube as I played Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands on my PS4. It was not the game I wanted to play, none of my other games were ready to play, but I am glad to have caught up with the story. The next time I go to play, the games better be updated. 

Getting bored from the game I decided to do something that I do not often, watch a movie. Around 9pm as I scrolling the list of movies I saw one from 2017. I had yet to watch “Thor: Ragnarök” and saw the perfect opportunity to do so today as I ate.  


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Good job! 

I literally did nothing important all day. A part of me felt guilty but then again, I needed a break from my daily activities. People do way more than me a day and I have no clue as to how they do not collapse. I give you people props. Keep it up! 

It Was A Long But Sweet Day!

Mon. August 27, 2018

Early bird.

Up early to make my way into the café. I think it will be my new position from now on. The person we did have running it was able to get a job he applied for last month. While he waited for his acceptance call, he helped us out as much as possible. Now that we are short handed the lady and I must spilt ourselves between jobs. With that being said I ran the café alone today.

Beforehand I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for you know what. Something pumpkin spice flavored. I could not decide on what – hot, cold – but in the end I went with a latte. With one sip I knew I made a great choice. To go with it I order an apple fritter. It’s weird how they are never made the same. This one was twisted almost in a funnel cake fashion with the apple in the center. I wish I took a picture of it.


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Getting ready.

At the café I set everything up. Put my rice to cook, dumplings to steam and food to keep warm. Once the rice cooker beeped I would be ready to start. While it did its thing I sat down and had my breakfast. We have a personal microwave that we use to make tea with. Literally that is all it has been used for. Today I added another use for it, my apple fritter. The thing was heated up for 15 seconds and ready to enjoy. It was like a warm twisted up croissant with apple filling.

After 15 minutes the rice cooker went off letting me know it was time for action. With my belly content I finished preparing and turned the refrigerator light on to let people know we were open for business.


Unfortunately, the light does not work as well I hope it would. From 11am until about 2:30pm I did all of my business. From then until 6pm I did nothing but work on my laptop. I was glad to have the time to work on the blog but I would prefer to make money instead. There is no greater feeling than putting a couple of 20 dollar bills in the register.   

Since I had nothing to do after completing my blog tasks, I cleaned up. I figured if I could get done quick then I could leave earlier. And so I made that happen. By 7:15pm I was in my car. Officially the market closes at 7 and usually I leave by 8 once my area is cleaned. Boy was I lucky to get out of there while the sun was still up. Business was slow leaving me bored half of the day.

Sweet pleasures.

On the way home I decided to make a quick stop. Owowcow Creamery. I know I had it last night, but come on, there flavors are amazing. I had to get another milkshake with that cherry flavored ice cream. It was so good.


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All the way home, an hour drive, I was happy. The happiest drive I have ever had. With my drink in hand and music playing I had the biggest smile. To make it better I was even home before 8:30pm. It was a great feeling.

The rest of the night went to a long shower, dinner and my computer.

Really Good Flavors All Day!

Sun. August 26, 2018 

Pumpkin season is my favorite. 

Up and at it early this morning. I had to be at the café by 10am which meant I had an hour and 10 minute drive ahead of me. On the way there I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. With pumpkin back in action my addiction is on full course. I will be spending a lot of money at Dunkin’ this winter. To go with the coffee, I decided to get breakfast. A simple raisin bagel, I forgot to tell them light butter, and hash browns. 


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Always have time. 

I made it to the café a few minutes early. I might have planned it, might not have, but it gave me time to set up before the lady I work with showed up. About 20 minutes later, as I was eating, she called to let me know she was running behind schedule. With the constant back and forth between her vending and the café her body decided to ignore this morning’s alarm. She gave me a break yesterday by giving me the day off and I hope she can give herself one soon.  

While I waited for her I severed the customers who were interested and cut some vegetables. Word of mouth is starting to payoff. We are getting customers from the surrounding businesses. Slowly but surely it will get better. 

Around noon she showed up. With a lot of grocery bags on each arm. I did not know she was going to go shopping beforehand. There were also dishes. Dishes from her last vend. We have a big sink at the café so doing them is easy. But there was a lot. 

A different day. 

Throughout the day we did not do much. Sat around, talked to people, built rapport and things like that. She did a lot of chatting. All over the place. It was good to watch her have a bit of fun instead of working straight through.  

But she did work. Even decided to put on show by hand making dumplings. We have a small island, it is basically a center table, that she used as her stage. She spread out and made it very visible. We actually might have done our best yet because of it. Also, thanks to a family of six for having dinner with us. 


By 7pm we were finished. After cleaning up and honestly taking my time, we left by 9pm. To think that throughout the day I washed dishes and I still had a bunch more to do. My hands were pruned up. I was able to get a glimpse of them as an old man. Freaky thought. 

The best around town. 

As I was sitting in the parking lot I receive a call. The lady I work with wanted to know how close I was to getting home. Well sitting in the lot, I did not get too far. Luckily, I took my time because she wanted some light night ice cream. Not just any ice cream though. The really good, handcrafted kind. How could I say no to that? Owowcow Creamery is where I met her.  

It must have been luck. Not only was I hungry but I was thinking about stopping there anywhere. And we went on a good day because today’s flavors were fantastic. We both ended up getting the same thing, a cherry and chocolate crunch thing. It was so good that before we left I ordered it to go as a milkshake 


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Here my night. 

On the way home, I had to do it. Again, I did not really need but I stopped anyway. At my favorite gas station, I was. I swear $2.69 is such a good price. There bathroom was not. Then I took a long hour drive home.  

By 10:30pm I was I walked through the door. Quickly took a shower and ate. The ice cream was good but I was so hungry for food.  

After posting for tomorrow I was in bed by 1am. Could not really commit to writing tonight. 

8 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs With Kids Waiting for Them to Get Home!

John Rampton is “best known as an Entrepreneur and Connector. John was recently named #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as a blogging expert by Forbes. He currently invests and advises several companies in the bay area.”

When it comes to time management, John might be the one to listen to. Over the years he has had much practice in perfecting how to get the most out of time to get more done throughout the day. Today he has 8 get tips to share with the world on how to clear up and make the best out your calendar in order to be as productive as you possibly can. Being a parent can be tough but hopefully his word can help.



Image credit: MoMo Productions | Getty Images


“Becoming a parent showed me how much time I wasted being unproductive.” “How could I spend less time at my startup and more time with my family?”


1. Use the Ivy Lee Method.

This is a productivity hack that’s been around since 1918. It’s a daily routine that only takes around 15 minutes but will help you achieve peak productivity.

Every night, after the kids are asleep, jot down the five or six most important things you want to accomplish the next day. List them in starting with the most important task first thing in the morning. Don’t list more than six items.

The the Ivy Lee Method is so effective because by planning your day the night before, you reduce decision fatigue and reserve your energy for your most meaningful work. You wake up knowing exactly what you’ll be working all day instead of wasting valuable time and energy making decisions in the morning.

2. Wake up before everyone else.

Much as been written about the benefits of being an early riser. It enhances your productivity, reduces stress and keeps you healthy because you have time to exercise and eat a proper breakfast. Perhaps the biggest advantage is you have some much-needed alone time.

I wake up before everyone else in my house. This gives me time to dive into my morning routine, read, clear my inbox, reflect and review my calendar. If I have something really important to work on, I even start while everyone else is asleep. This prevents anyone from distracting me.

3. Prioritize your daily tasks, and set a schedule.

Go back to the first hack, and assign a precise amount of time to each one. Block off this specific length of time in your calendar, set a timer and eliminate any distractions — shut the door, and turn off all notifications.

The Pomodoro Technique is a tried-and-true time management technique that can help you with this. You work for 25 minutes and then take a short break to grab a cup of coffee or go for a walk. After four pomodoros, you take a longer break of 20 to 30 minutes. This gives your brain a rest so you have the energy to start the next task.

4. Bundle tasks.

One of my all-time favorite productivity hacks is batching. This is simply bundling similar tasks together so you’re not switching mindsets. For example, if you have three blog posts to write, do them at the same time. Cooking Sunday night dinner? Prep your meals for the entire week.

Batching is so effective because it prevents you from multitasking, gives your week structure, makes you feel less stressed and helps you stick to a schedule. It also saves you a ton of time. Think about cooking your meals for the week: It may take all Sunday afternoon, but now you don’t have to worry about what you’re making each night for dinner. An added perk is you won’t have to clean cooking utensils every day. You can spend this time with your family or even stay a bit later at work.

5. Sync your work with your child’s routine.

This is a key point to remember when you have a baby; after all, babies have their own rhythm. The sooner you get in sync with his or her routine, the easier your life will get. Infant expert Magda Gerber wrote, “Infants who do not need to adjust to too much unnecessary stimulation will eventually regulate their sleeping and eating patterns. This regularity will, in turn, give parents some predictable time for their own needs and interests.”

As your children get older, you’ll still have to adjust your work habits to their routines. If they are done with school at 3 p.m. and have to go to soccer practice immediately after, you need to be “off the clock” by then. If practice is an hour, you might be able to do some light work, like responding to emails or calling clients.

6. Outsource and delegate wherever possible.

Between meetings, networking, developing your product or service and being a teacher, doctor, chef and chauffeur for your kids, life can get hectic. Rather than worry about every single task, outsource or delegate. You can hire a virtual assistant to organize your calendar or schedule your itinerary for an upcoming trip. You could hire a bookkeeper to keep your finances in order or a cleaning service for your home or office.

Get your kids involved with chores at home. When they’re old enough, have them help out with laundry, prepping lunches, cleaning dishes, gardening or walking the family dog. Saving 15 or 20 minutes on each of these household chores can add up to a big win.

7. Have a dedicated workspace.

What if you work from home and the kids are off from school? Have a dedicated workspace separate from where the kids play and watch TV — the more separate, the better

If you don’t have the room for a dedicated workspace, consider swapping kid duty with friends, family or neighbors. On Monday, your kids may have a couple of friends over, but on Tuesday, they can go to a friend’s house. This way, you can work in peace and quiet at home or work in a coffee shop or co-working space without worrying about the kids.

8. Unplug

This isn’t exactly a productivity hack, but to make it for the long haul you need to occasionally unplug. This means turning off your electronics so you aren’t plugged in 24/7. Use this time to meditate, go for a hike, take the family camping or read so your brain recharges.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to pull your entire focus from your business — and vice versa. By implementing these hacks, you can ensure your kids — and your business efforts — get what they need.


For the full article visit here: Entrepreneur