At The Vineyard & IHOB!

Sat. July 28, 2018

No office.

After having such a motivating weekend in Georgia, I wanted nothing more than to be at the office creating some activity. Unfortunately, the other job has to take priority right now.


Bitmoji alarm ME

I woke up at 7:30am to get ready for my day. I had to meet the lady I work with by 9. After fighting to get out bed I had less than a half an hour to walk out of the house. I think if I did not have to wake up for work I would never get out of bed in the mornings. But today was not the day so I had to leave.

Too soon.

I left earlier than I needed to pulling over and parking a few houses down from hers. Normally I am early, she expects it, but today I was 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I thought people would be headed down to the beach since it was going to be a hot day but the parkway was clear. Maybe I was up too early for them.

When I finally pulled into her driveway I could see her son getting things ready. They were basically set to leave. All I did was adjust her truck in a way for us to finish loading and by the time she came out we were set to go.


On the way to Unionville Vineyards we stopped at Panera Bread for breakfast. The lady I work with was tired of eating the usual Dunkin’ Donuts and wanted a change of taste. I was more than happy with it because I love their Superfruit smoothies. I do not know how they make them but I taste Greek yogurt.


(photo found on Google images)

Finally, at the site we set up in between a wooden fence opening, with the best view of their property. Open field, nicely stained picnic table, beautiful tree line, it was an ‘awing’ moment. After taking it in we started our shift at noon with a slight concern if whether or not we would be busy. There was a balloon festival happening not too far from where we were and expected most people to be there. On top of that the forecast had a slight chance of rain that we really did not want to see come down.

With those thoughts in mind the three of us pressed on. We serviced the customers the best we could and were grateful for each one that came out. Even the other vendors with the ‘knick knack’ tents enjoyed what we had to offer. Since it was a bit slow we even enjoyed a few things they had. Now that I think about it, I wish I would have saved the name of what I ate. All I know is that it was a peach bread with 90% of it being peaches and the rest of it flour to hold it together. This cake or bread was so moist and delicious I hope she is back tomorrow.

Time to leave the beauty for the day.

Around 5pm we started to clean up. The crowd died down substantially. When 5:30 came we could see the vendors packing up, getting ready to head out. We knew that was our cue. At that moment we started to move a bit faster so we would not be left behind. The lady I work with, her son and I packed up so fast that we actually left before a few of the other vendors. It was great.

On the way back to her house we made a group decision to stop and have dinner. It was actually her son’s idea but we had no objections. I was tired, wanting to go home, but I knew I needed something in my stomach. It was such a hot day that for 6 hours I did not eat except for the piece of peach bread and a chocolate chip cookie.

To fill our stomachs, we stopped at IHOP. It was along the way and sounded good. There is nothing quite like breakfast for dinner. I had the stuffed French toast with strawberries. My ‘go-to’ meal. It never fails to keep me entertained one fork after the other.


(photo found on Google images)

Back at her house, her son and I unloaded the truck before I left. I was exhausted wanted nothing more than a cool shower. Having my want fulfilled I then sat in front of the computer looking through Amazon for a charging cable for my new phone. I might need a spare wall brick as well.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.


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