Rain Helps More Than The Green!

Fri. July 27, 2018 

Wasting time. 

I was able to sleep in today thanks to work not starting until this afternoon. I even woke up to have breakfast that did not involve a quick bowl of cereal. I actually made myself a cup of coffee with a buttered bagel and jelly as I sat at the kitchen table to eat.  

By 11:15am I was dressed and ready to go. Honestly, I was running a bit behind because the video I was watching was too good to leave without finishing. I had a few minutes left on it and really wanted to see how it ended. So, I traded in being early to see the climax.  

It was alright. 

Today the lady I work with and I were going to be spending the day at the pier. We were asked to vend, along with others, for a business party being hosted there. It was simple request so she took it. Besides that, on Fridays we are normally there anyway for the dinner shift. It all worked out in the end. 

I arrived at Pier 13 by noon and parked my car in the parking lot. I tried to get a space on the street but by the time I actually made it around the corner someone had beaten me. I would have loved to save that $20 fee. If I could have “Bruce Almighty” that guy out of the spot I would have in a jiffy. Just imagine it. It’s pretty funny to think about. 

We began to service our customers around 1pm. The pier had a great system going with wrist bands so we could distinguish who were part of the party and who were not. Anyone with a band was free and the others, well, had to cough up the loot. We continued like that for a few hours until we were forced out. We could see a storm brewing from a few miles away. Hovering over the distant town like a scary shadow. We hoped it would hold up until we finished. The moment 3pm hit the rain came with it. We had an hour left to go but with the rain on and off, the business tab was closed. From then on, we were only serving to the public as they came. 

For about 2 hours we did nothing but prep for tomorrow and enjoy the company of the other vendors. It was like a retreat for us to bond. While it rained we hung out and even took a group photo to remember it with. It was very nice to be a part of it. Not too long after that we were given the ‘ok’ to leave. It was pouring by that time and we were secretly happy for it.  

A lovely short day. 

As I sat in my car the clock read 6:30pm. It felt good to go home before 12am on a Friday. Normally we would have been there all night. Instead I was home in my shower enjoying the warm water over the cold rain. I really need to buy a new raincoat. 

The rest of the night was relaxing. I washed clothes for this weekend, watched a few episodes of “Supernatural” on Netflix and scoured Amazon for a spare USB Type C cable for my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I need a cable for my car as well as a backup in case one breaks. I plan on pulling the trigger on a set tomorrow, IF I find one I like.   



Not realizing the time, I ended up falling into bed a lot later than I should have. 1am. Good night! 


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