Healthy Eating With A Weird Crowd!

Weds. July 25, 2018 

Early morning love. 

My lady slept over the house last night so I was able to wake up next to an angel. Not only that, I received heavenly kisses with the most wonderful smile on this planet.  

After getting dressed we headed out of the door and down the driveway to the car. She let her sister borrow the car so I took her work. I did not have to go in until later tonight for a dinner shift and plenty of time to do a bit of driving.  

Quick stop. 

We got to her job a little after 9am where I kissed her and told her to have a great day. From there I went over to the next town to get acai bowl for breakfast. It was about 10 minutes away from her job, basically straight, where I needed to go. I was even lucky enough to pull into a space someone had just left with 17 minutes still on the meter. As I walked across the street I noticed that the place was dark. Was I early? YesBy a half an hour. Walking back to my car I sat there playing Dragon Ball Legends and Pokémon Go!  

It was 10:20 when I decided to give it another shot. According to the hours of operation The Dancing Blender should have been ready by 10am. I gave them a bit of extra time to prepare. As I waited for my acai bowl, the Bantigo, my best friend, the Twitch streamer, called me to tell a story about how his past Friday went. It was a story I thought I would never hear from him. It was about his first experience with ‘edibles.’ He did not like how it felt and swore never to try it again. I found it pretty funny.  


(photo taken from  The Dancing Blender)

Back home I enjoyed my bowl to its fullest. Organic acai blended with banana, strawberries, blueberries and soy milk, oh my. I loved every bite of it.  

Making moves.  

Around 2pm I went into the fridge to get something to eat. Right away I noticed my girlfriend’s lunch box sitting on the top shelf. I could not believe we had forgotten it. She worked all day, 10am – 10pm, and I knew she needed it. I needed to make sure she ate so right before I left for work I made sure to have it in my hands so I could drop it off. I got to her job at 3pm. Familiar with the layout I ran up to the lunch room to leave it in the fridge. She did not even know I was there.  

I made it to Jersey City within half an hour. As soon as I parked my car I went right to work on it. Under the back side of my car I went. I am afraid of my muffler falling off because it needs to be rewelded so I did my best to tie it down with a string I had in my glove box. I am pretty sure it won’t last long but for now it should be fine.  

Weird night. 

From 5 – 9pm we did something along the lines of work. The lady I work with and I were at a new place that looked promising from the outside but turned out to be worse than what our expectations were. It was as if we were in the Twilight Zone because time felt as if it stood still. Around 7pm I swore it was time to go until I looked at the clock. I was sadly disappointed.  


(photo found on Google images)

I got home around 10:15pm and sat on my floor to have dinner. I was starving. With the iPad in front of me I enjoy a dish of Korean barbeque with white rice. Then I showered and was off to the computer before bed. 


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