Back To Work & Got A New Phone!

Tues. July 24, 2018 

Phone struggles. 

I tried to sleep last night but I was too concerned about my phone. I had it on the wireless charger but I was not really sure if it was going to overheat and catch on fire. I know that the charging port itself started to burn. It even fried the charging cable when I tried to see if it would work. Bad idea to experiment.  


Just became a media device. No longer travel worthy.

At 7:15am I woke up to check my phone to make sure I was not oversleeping. I had to work today but I did not know what time to be there. I got in late last night and by the time my phone was actually charged I could not text the lady I work with find out. It so happened that around 8:30 she sent me a message letting me know what time to meet her. I thought we would have had a later shift, preferably dinner, but it turned out I had to meet her a lot sooner than that. 

On the way to the building we were meeting at I stopped at Teixeira’s Bakery to pick up two dozen hoagie rolls. Before actually making my way to meet her I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up myself a frozen pistachio coffee and apple crumb donut. I was not really hungry but I wanted something to snack on and I definitely needed a coffee. 

Interesting day. 

Finally, at the building around 10am, it looked like a warehouse center. There forklifts and trucks driving around in front of a big building that I honestly had no clue as to whether or not was the right spot. About a half hour later lady I work with showed up to confirm and we got right to work. 

When I looked at the clock time had flown way past our scheduled time. It was 4pm when we officially packed up and got ready to go. We should have left at 2pm but unforeseen circumstances occurred and people just kept coming out of nowhere. It’s all right though because we ended up making a little extra money and I did not get home too late. Luckily the drive there was only a half an hour away. 

Keep the progress going. 

After taking my shower I had to attend to important business. I had to wash clothes since I had nothing ready for the week and I have a long week ahead of me. Soon after my mother and I left to Target to do a bit of shopping. Mainly to get myself a new phone. Worrying about my safety and the inconvenience of no communication is not something I enjoy. What I did not know is that Target, the one that I went to, actually stopped selling phones only keeping the prepaid ones in stock. Luckily, I planned it out just right in case something like that happened. There is a Verizon Wireless right across the highway. Man, I am smart, sometimes. 


I was able to go in there and spent about an hour trying to have the sales person not waste his breath by trying to sell me things that I did not need. When I left there, I left with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in my hand and a screen protector because I felt bad that he kept talking. I just did not want anything. That was a $50 screen protector that I got 10% off of but I really did not want. He even tried to sell me a $45 case that I figured would be cheaper if I got it from the Walmart down the highway. And it wasI even ended up getting the same one that he showed me for twenty bucks which was half the price. Lovely. 

Going home! 

The final two stops of the night were Chipotle and 7-Eleven. My mother and I were picking up food for dinner and some milk for whatever. I got home around 8pm where my girlfriend sent me a text letting me know she was going to be coming on over. I have not seen her in a while so I figured ‘hey, why not come sleep over. It was actually her idea but I took the credit.  

She ended up arriving a lot later than expected, around 9:30, but it was okay because I have not been around for about a month, with work and all. Due to that I, sadly, have not really had the opportunity to straighten up. I definitely took advantage of her lateness. I plan on cleaning more tomorrow just to have it looking a little bit nicer.  

With her sitting next to me, I actually ate my Chipotle. I did not eat it earlier because I wanted to make sure I had straightened up first. It was delicious. Not soon after we ended up lying in bed talking for a little bit, watching a DashieGames video and then going straight to bed. 

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