My Weekend In Georgia! (Pt. I)

Fri. July 20, 2018

Day 1 in Georgia.

The moment I woke up I got ready. It was 7 in the morning. I finished packing my ‘carry on’ with the important chargers and such before calling my Uber to take me to the airport. It would have been great if I could get a ride from family or friends but my flight time interfered with their work time. Honestly it did not bother me. I enjoy the adult struggle of getting around. 

I was at the airport by 10am right on my mark. My driver was a really awesome guy who taught me about selling chip routes. As in potatoes chips and finger desserts. It was actually very interesting. It was the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. He even described it as flipping houses. Clean up the route and sell it. Basically, build relationship by being punctual, having the products they need and during the time they need them.


Hello ATL!

Skipping breakfast, I decided to have something at the airport. I ordered a ‘power bow’ – Greek yogurt, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds – except it was not a bowl. More of a rectangular tray. I was deceived.


My flight was not a long after. It took about 2 hours to land in Atlanta, Georgia. It was such a smooth flight with the only one turbulence scuffle 10 minutes before landing.

After waiting for 15 minutes for my luggage bag to come I headed to Alamo to pick up my rental. I thought it was on site but in fact I had to take a really cool unmanned train to it. Once there they actually let me choose my own car. Bad move on them because I ended up taking something a bit bigger than what I believe they wanted me too. But I was given specific instructions on where to pick so oh well.

The ride to the hotel took me an hour. Traffic on those highways are no joke. I could not believe it. I enjoy no tolls but with 5 – 6 lanes there should not be much of a backup.


Finally finding my hotel I made a 180 and left. There was a BBQ joint close by, called Jim ‘N Nick’s, that I wanted to eat from. I had not eaten since the power bowl and was starving.

Back at the hotel I called my mentor to see what he was doing. We are sharing a room for the weekend and I wanted to drop off my bags. The moment he answered the phone I knew I was not going up. He was taking a nap. His flight landed in Georgia at 9 this morning and he was beyond tired. Understanding his position, I told him to go back to sleep for another 2 hours. While I waited I went over to a nearby mall. It was honestly one of the best I have been to. I bought a pair of sneakers that I really liked, it has a massive airsoft field and interesting stores that I do not see in Jersey. I could not even walk it all before my mentor called me. I plan to go back before I leave to finish my exploration.

Instead of letting my mentor leave with his family I decided to drive them to their destination. He has relatives down in Georgia that he planned to see and it was next to a national park that I wanted to see. I just did not want to drive myself so they were a great excuse to go. After dropping them off I headed to Stone Mountain that was about 18 minutes away.


At the park I took a mile hike straight up the mountain. Completely straight up. I have done 6 mile hikes before with no problem but this one was too intense. It beat me down like no other. That kind of steepness I have never experiences before. When I made it back to the parking lot I was so happy. I loved the view but the hike up killed me.

Finished the night!

I picked up my mentor and his family around 9:30pm. From there we made a stop at Walmart for snacks before heading back to the hotel. Once back we showered up, had hot chocolate and went right to bed.

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