Rain Means I Get A Day OFF!

Tues. July 17, 2018 


I had to wake up early to move my car but it was not the end. As soon as I came back into the house I jumped right back under the covers and went to bed. Three hours later I was awake again. It was now 11:10am and I still felt as if another few hours would have done me justice. I longed for it but needed to start my day. 

Trying to get out of bed I laid on my stomach as I hung my arm off of the bed to play Dragon Ball Legends. After about a half an hour of laying there completing my missions, I got up and went straight to the computer. I was able to get my daily schedule set along with something new from my weekend at the farm. Just a four sentence or so paragraph about a beautiful horse named Dreamcatcher 


Something must be done! 

After finishing with WordPress, I started to get busy. I had racked up a mountain load of dirty clothes from the past month. I have stayed at my girlfriend’s house for 2 weeks, worked doubles and then spent the weekend with the lady I work with. Washing clothes was the least of my worries during those weeks.  

Today I was able to get three loads washed. After the up and down from the first floor to the basement I needed to get going. 5pm came around and I was in shower washing up to head out. The original plan was to see to my girlfriend. I have not seen her in a while, missing her with all of my heart. But I got word that I needed to pick up my nephew. Only problem was that my mother had his car seat. I tried to get in contact with her so I can get it but she was working. I assumed she did not have her phone on since she never responded.  

By 6:15 I was leaving the house for the original planHere I come babe! 

Before getting to her house I stopped at Super Fresh grocery store to pick up a bouquet of flowers. The little lady who sets them up does an amazing job. If anyone could be perfect for a job it is her hands paired with flowers. Her enthusiasm and creative mind work wonders. 


(photo found on Google images)

The reason for the flowers is because we did not celebrate our anniversary together. I figured it was least I could do to show my love since I never wrote a card or took her out for dinner. This being the first year we missed our date was a big disappointment that I intend to make up for 

At her house she was shocked. She figured I would get her a little something so it was not too much of a surprise but enough to make her tear. Not going out we had dinner at her place that was tremendously good. A simple dish of white rice, lentil beans, fried pork chops, pumpkin and a side of salad. To finish off the night we walked over to Carvel for an early night snack before settling in on the couch to watch TV as we held each other tightly. 

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