In The Rain & Ending With Sunshine – Day 4!

Sun. July 15, 2018 

The final day of waking up at 4:30 in the morning.  

I was determined to go through this day ending it with a bang. Yesterday, mid-day, I ended up losing it. I forgot how to math. Simple adding and subtracting became trigonometry within seconds. Not even writing it out helped. It was as if my brain had overheated and shut down to cool itself off. Today I was ready to make up for that.


Bitmoji Me 

I slept like a champ last night. The moment I fell on the bed I was out for the count. I even woke up to fix myself and lay properly after feeling a bit of drool on my cheek. I could not believe I fell asleep on my stomach with my legs hanging off the side of the bed. Normally I do not fall asleep on my stomach because I find it uncomfortable but last night was an exception. I must had been extremely worn out.  

I even woke up at 4:15am on the dot to write yesterday’s journal entry. I believe that was my intention for laying how I did before completely losing to the comfort of the mattress. 

Time to go! 

After writing my entry I got up, made the bed as I have been for the past couple of days, got dressed, pet the cat and helped pack the truck with the stuff we bought yesterday. The lady I work with slept in a bit so she did not get to do much. I was glad to be there and assist. 

On the way to the farm we were hungry and wanted something to eat. Last night we had sangria and cake for dinner so it was not really fulfilling. We were not hungry for food or a heavy meal. The cakes were the perfect choice, but not dinner.  Anyway, instead of stopping at the normal, Dunkin Donuts, we pulled into a McDonald’s drive thru. It has been about a year since my last McDonald’s encounter and after eating it I remembered why. It is not good. (In my opinion.) It actually hurt my stomach to the point where I needed to take a seat in the bathroom.  

The final hurrah! 

From 6am – 2:30pm the sky was grey and gloomy. It poured cats and dogs on those dedicated bunch standing ring side with their eyes peeled on the competition. Surprisingly the show continued. I could not believe how determined those riders were for their ribbons. I understand wanting to progress in your sport but riding a horse, jumping hurdles and performing tricks while it rained was too much for my little brain to handle. Kudos to them. 


Bitmoji Me cheers!

Around 4:30pm we were on the gravel driveway leaving the farm in the rear-view mirror. It was great to be there and I will miss a few people but waking up at 4am to see them is too much. Beside that since it rained for 95% of the time we were there so business was slow. Not many competitors showed for today’s competition but those who did were amazing. 

Heading back.  

By 6pm I was back home with the lady I work with unloading. Soon after I packed up my stuff and put it in a corner of the kitchen close to the door. After living there for the last couple of days I was torn on whether or not to leave. I wanted to hang out some more but I also wanted to be home. I really enjoyed being around her and her son for the past couple of day. For 15 minutes I stayed to chit chatting and then hit the road home.  

Finally, home after a few days I jumped in the shower, washed my clothes and sat in front of my computer to greet it. I even watched an episode of “Supernatural” before hitting the pillow I missed so much. 


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