I Made It Past Day 2 !

Fri. July 13, 2018 

Feeling like a million bucks. 

I woke up at 4:25am a lot more energetic than yesterday. It sucks that I have to be up so early but at least it was barrable. It must have been because of the 5 hours of sleep I got last night. Surprisingly I was actually motivated to get dressed and get the day started. I think what also helped was me finding out what the furnace sound from last night was. It turns out that there was a humidifier a foot away from the end of the bed that I never notice. Once I figured it out, the thing was shut off instantaneously. 

On the deserted road.  

At 5:20 in the morning the roads are only filled the few crazy hard-working people with the odd hour shifts. I never wake up this early so actually seeing people before sunrise is weird. I felt as everyone should have been asleep for at least another 2 hours, including myself. 

We got to the farm a bit after 6 expecting a couple of riders to be practicing. We were overly confident in that because nobody was around except for the people who worked there. Yesterday people were already riding their big friends, galloping away.  


(photo found on Google images)

By 10am things picked up and we had no control over it. The pace was consistent and leaving us behind in orders. Around noon is when we got a grasp on things and really started to rock it out. It is difficult to switch gears from breakfast to lunch while in the middle of getting past breakfast. But we managed to do it and from then on, business continued its pace. Order after order, person after person. 

It was not until 4:30pm when things started to slowed down enough for us to snack. Throughout the day our focus was on making sure we did not make people wait too long and that everything was done correctly. With that immense determination, food in our stomachs was the least of our worries. 

Night 3 has started! 

Around 6pm we were done. Later than yesterday but those extra 2 hours helped. In business having a set goal for the day is important. With that we were able to keep going until the lady I work with and I could agree on what was a success and what was not.  

Right after leaving the farm we headed to Costco for another day’s worth of supplies. In the store we ended loading the cart up so much that at the register, a helper person went to get us another cart. We had the thing packed way over the edges. Then we went to H-Mart for the miscellaneous items we cannot find at Costco 

Once we had the truck paged up we had a decision to make about dinner. Mongolian hot pot? It was in the same lot and something I had never eaten. Since we had not had an actual meal all day I figure it could not hurt to try it out. We were more than excited to eat. With no waiting line we were seating and served right away. 

For my first time have that cuisine, I love it. The pot is so flavorful. The spices ! 

Back at her place we unloaded her truck from the groceries. I showered and by 12 am I was in bed. 


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