New Home To Sleep In!

Weds. July 11, 2018 


After yesterday’s lovely event I woke up more sore than I ever have. My body felt like nothing before, how many different muscles are used for jet skiing? My left thigh was sore, my shoulder muscles, muscles slightly. I felt it in random spots throughout. 


Bitmoji Me stiff

I was more than grateful to not have to work early today. I was able to stay in bed until 1130am and rest my body. I did not stay in bed for too long because of my desire to jump on the computer. I wanted to get some writing in and search the web for a anniversary gift. My girlfriend and I will gladly be celebrating 12 years tomorrow with nothing more than a conversation. I have yet to write a card or find something meaningful to give her. It is actually very saddening.  

After finishing my writing I went to see how my uncle and grandfather were doing. They will be spending the week at the house looking out for one another. Possibly each others babysitter. Not soon after saying hello they both left to go have lunch at a local diner in Bloomfield called Nevada Diner. I was invited to join them in a meal but I had to work so I could not.  

While home I packed a bag for the next few days. I will spending the weekend with the lady I work with and her son. The next 4 days we have a big event to attend that require us to be there at 6am in the morning. Normally I would be okay driving but it takes an hour to get there so staying at her place is easier.  

Moving out for a days. 

After packing I spend an hour online searching for something unique to give my girlfriend for our anniversary. The things I saw were either too clique, did not represent how I felt or seem anywhere near being useful. I had no luck finding anything before I had to leave.  

In Jersey City by 4:20pm I got right to work. We had a simple night ahead of us. For 3 and half hours we did pretty good business for where we were. By 9:15 we were packed up and on the road to her house.  


(photo found on Google images)

Along the way I got gas that cost me $3 a gallon. I actually paid $33 for a full tank. That has been the most I have ever paid and I honestly did not know how to feel about it. I really needed the fuel. 

New home. 

At her house I helped unload before hoping in the shower. I love the positioning of her shower head. It sits really high up compared to mine and is perfect for tall guys like me. Not that I am super tall, 5’11, but I love  how it basically rains on me. After finishing up I went into the furnished basement where I was sleeping to hang out with her son for a bit. He showed me many clips of him playing “Smash Bros” on the Wii where he torments his opponents with his skill. He is honest very good at the game. After a few clips I called it a night. I had to wake up 4:15ish and it was already 11:30pm.  


(photo found on Google images)

After almost falling asleep I woke up to write this. It is now 12:45am. Good night! 

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