Who Said 70 MPH Isn’t Fun!?

Tues. July 10, 2018 

Today was going to be great.  

It was my day off and there was an amazing activity planned. I was up by 10am, got dressed, packed a bag in a hurry and left. I was running late and did not even know it.  

I needed to be in Hoboken by noon for a scheduled jet ski tour of the Hudson River. On the way there, as soon as I get into Jersey City, I received a phone call from the lady I work with, Where are you? Apparently, I miss understood our conversation last night. I thought we were meeting at noon but instead we were supposed to be on the water by then. I should have been there by 11:30 to register and sign the waiver.  

After 15 minutes of speaking to the lady I work with, I parked my car in Little Man’s garage. Sprinting to the pier I could feel the heat on face, it was going to be a great day to he out on the water. Finally with the group I put on sun block lotion and was ready to go. Thankfully I was not the last one to arrive. At 12 on the dot a couple, the last of our group, arrived. They me feel good about being late. I was very glad they showed up after me.  

Time to get wet! 

Out on the water we – the lady I work with, her son, our guide and I – had a blast. Last year on our tour we had a different guide and slower group. We ended up running out time cutting the short. This year we were able to see the Statue of LibertyI have never actually been to the island it sits on but I was able to see it up close today. It was really amazing. I will be honest, I thought it would have been a bit bigger. The city line was also beautiful! It is one thing to be in the city but seeing it from the water was much better. We even rode under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge. I have driven over them plenty of times but never under.  


(photo found on Google images)

After about an hour and a half we dropped off the randoms from our group. Our tour guide, who is also a great friend, took us out for an extended viewing. It was amazing! There’s nothing like sightseeing on the river doing 70 mph on smoothest water possible. We were basically gliding along. There were no other boats around us to rough up the water. Then I had a scare. Within 10 minutes from getting to the dock I was on ‘E’, empty, almost out of gas. The last thing I wanted was to get stuck out there.  

I made it. 

By the time we got back it was 2:45pm. It had been 3 hours that we were gone and it did not seem that long. From there we left and headed to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Ironbound, Newark. the lady I work with really knows her food ordering the table rounds of delicious meat. We had a great meal. After stuffing our faces, we went our separate ways.  

I went straight to my girlfriend’s house since I was basically in the area. She lived about 20 minutes from the restaurant so as sun dried as I was I weaved through traffic, waited in it and made my way. Since I picked her up from the airport I have not seen her. The day I dropped her and her family off, the mother was not in the best of shape to have visitors so I left in respects to her. Today I was glad to have actually been able to spend a few hours catching up.  


From 6 – 11pm I was at her house. It started off with me laying my head on the table while she cooked for her family. I was beyond beat from the jet ski tour that I needed a nap but did not want to take one. I mind as well had been a 2 year old fighting my sleep so I can play. While I sat there we talked about our day. How was work? Was business good? What have you eaten? I also showed her a few pictures and a video that our tour guide took for us.  

Around 8pm I could not fight it. I laid down on the couch for about 30 minutes until my girlfriend came over. She had finished her duties and ate her dinner, ready to relax with me. The rest of the night we watched “Insurgent” until I left to meet up with my bed.  


(photo found on Google images)

It now 1:25 in the morning and I just finished writing this so goodnight! 


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