Always Keeping Busy!

Sun. July 8, 2018 

Good morning America! 

After going to bed at 3am I woke up at 8 to get things going. I wanted to straighten the house up before bringing my girlfriend and her family back home.  

Right after brushing my teeth I made the bed. Personally, I hate doing it. I am the type of person who loves to cuddle up against a nice ruffled blanket. My girlfriend on the other hand, hates that. Literally. She will not let me sleep until the sheets are straighten up and even. Knowing this I made her bed so when she got home it would be easier for her to just lay down and nap. Then I packed my backpack with my laptop and the little miscellaneous things I brought with me. From upstairs all that was left was for me to get dressed. 

Moving on to the first floor.  

Right away I served the dog his breakfast. He was hungry, jumping around in circles for me to put his bowl down. I was glad too. I need to take my bags down to my car but I did not want him to bark while I did so. It was too early and I knew not everyone in the four apartment house was not working. The last thing I wanted to do was wake one of them up. 

After loading up my car I went back upstairs to grab two more sets of car keys. After throwing out the trash I needed to remove 3 cars from the driveway. A process that I really hoped I did not have to do. 

First my girlfriends. Her car is decently sized but not big enough for 6 people. Then there was mine. If I were picking up clowns then my little Honda Civic would be perfect but for today, not so much. The last one in the driveway was the spare SUV, a Highlander. This thing can pack people in with no problem. It was definitely the car of choice for this morning.  

Time to go! 

Before heading out to the airport I cleaned up the dog’s area, lightly mopped the floor with soft Clorox and cleaned out the refrigerator from the leftovers that I let go bad.  

At the airport I had to wait in line and fight to move in order to pick up my passengers. When I finally got to them I hopped out and passed along the keys. The seat to the truck is mechanically busted leave the chair with only two options that do serve tall people any purpose. The ride to the airport was troublesome. I was so close to the ceiling that I did not need the sun visor to block the sun and so close to the steering wheel that my knee rubbed against it if I moved wrong. Very uncomfortable. 

5 - How to Sit in a Car Without Back Pain - Man sitting too close to the steering wheel holding the wheel with elbows very bent

(photo found on Google images)

Back at my girlfriend’s house I helped upload the luggage bags from the trunk. My girlfriend’s mother really hurt herself yesterday leaving her knee in a balloon state. It looked really bad just through her pants. Actually inside the house I could tell she was ready to get comfortable so I excused myself and left. I wanted to stay especially since I have not seen my girlfriend in a week but my respect for her mother outweighed my want.  

A few things before home. 

Since I left sooner than expected I made a few stops before heading home. First up was Grandma’s house. There are two dressers that need a new home and a mattress that I might want. After looking at everything I realized that I should have brought a measuring tape with me so I could find out if whether or not they will fit. Let’s just say I have to go back.  

Next stop was Marshalls. I really want a new pair of sneakers but again they do not have my size. At least the store looked a lot cleaner than last time. Right next door is a Stop and Shop. I went in for Portuguese rolls and right out. Mom wanted to make a breakfast sandwich with it even though it was already past noon. Last stop, home.  

Bathroom activities. 

Once home I unpacked, played with my nephew and had myself a cup of coffee with buttered bread. My first meal of the day at 1pm.  

Around 2:30pm my father and I got to work. It was officially time to change out the bathroom faucet. We have been busy lately but now that we were both together we could work on it. About a half an hour in, we realized that we needed fittings for the pipes or nothing was going to be assembled. The funny part is that my dad had just gone to Home Depot for them and did not realize he picked up a few wrong pieces and forgot a few he needed. Good thing I was around to head back over.  

While at Home Depot I picked up the pieces we needed and more. I got what he asked for but then decided to pick up a ‘Plan B.’ When we work, things tend to go wrong so I wanted to be prepared for it. While walking through the store I spent about 10 minutes in my favorite section, Flashlights. I do not know why but I love them. I have had so many throughout the years and have no use for any of them. I even buy little lanterns for camping but I have not been camping in over 10 years. It’s odd. I also picked up a very nice $6 knife that I have no idea why it was priced so low. I thought it was wrong until the register confirmed.  


Back home my father and I got right to work. After a bit of welding, a few modifications and some banging, everything was settled thanks to ‘Plan B. It took us 3 and half hours from the time I got back just to get the faucet on and one panel of sheetrock. It needs another but that is for different day. The tricky part was the water. Getting the pressure right on the thing was confusing. I have never installed a single knob system before so it rattled my brain more than it needed to. I ended up throwing in the towel and had my father adjust the water from the basement where we have direct access the pipes themselves. It was way easier to do. 


After vacuuming and cleaning the tub I was almost ready to relax. Around 10:15pm I jumped in the shower to wash off the sweat and powder from the sheet rock. The bathroom and I were extremely dusty.  

By 10:50 I was finally having dinner.  

11pm I got some writing in and by 1am I was in bed.  

Long busy day. 

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