The Weather Was Great, But I Wasn’t!

Fri. July 6, 2018 

The morning blues. 

I woke up feeling a bit sick this morning. It was really unusual. Getting out of bed was actually a challenge. I must have reset my alarm at least 5 times. With each reset adding another 5 minutes. After getting up I had to process what was going on not having an answer for any of it. There should have been no reason for why I was under the weather or a bit blue. It was very odd. 

Down in the dining room I set up my laptop on the table and got ready for business. Before sitting down, I walked into the kitchen to set up the dog’s bowl and serve myself a bit of Apple Jacks. The little pooch woke up starving today letting off barks in hopes that I would speed up the process. I had to quickly get serious with him and tell him to hush up for a bit before the neighbors got upset.  

Once I finished my cereal I headed back over to my laptop where I sat for a few hours getting my posts set while watching random YouTube videos. That was until I reached my attention span limit. From that moment on, 12:45pm, the dog and I laid out on the couch. I had a little under an hour to finish an episode of “Supernatural” that I started last night. (My girlfriend ended up calling me in the middle of it so I was never able to watch the ending.) The amount of time I had left for the episode was perfect. Just as it finished my alarm went off letting me know to get ready for work.  


(photo found on Google images)

So not feeling it! 

Up in the bedroom I had to make a decision on which pants to wear. It was either sports pants for coolness or khakis. They were the only two pairs I had left from the bag I packed. After careful consideration I went with the khakis. Tomorrow I will be out all day so the sports pants will be more comfortable to be in for 14 hours.  

By 2pm I was saying goodbye to the dog and walking out of the house. I needed to pick up hoagie rolls from the bakery for the day. Feeling a bit queasy I needed to get something in my system. I had no idea why I was feeling so off but I did not like it. Down the street from the bakery is a Dunkin Donuts that I visit every so often and today was definitely one of these days. Normally I would go through the ‘drive thru’ but I desperately needed to use the bathroom. My stomach was messed up for no reason. I even order a quick bite ‘to go’ before using it because I knew my stomach would need it afterwards. 


(photo found on Google images)

Back in the car I quickly opened up my cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. As soon as I had a grip on it, I started shoving it down my throat. I felt it helping. With every bite of bagel there was a sip of frozen coffee to go with it. The perfect pair. Then I continued on my route to the pier. 

Freaky day. 

On the way to the pier the lady I work with ended up right behind me. It was so weird because she did not even notice I was in front of her. We were on the phone at the time so I had to actually point it out. Granted I was not in my car but I she assumed she knew what my girlfriend’s car looked like from the other night. I figured she would remember it. Not one bit.  


(photo found on Google images)

At the pier I double parked in a handicap spot so I could helped unload her truck. She had a bunch of heavy things for the next two days. We will back at again tomorrow for a full day. This morning was the only time she had to shop for it. After unloading I hurried back to my car with a fear of a ticket sitting on the windshield. Thankfully I was quick enough getting back or lucky enough that a cop did not come by. Immediately, I went to park.  

As far as the rest of the night, we enjoyed ourselves. We were not busy for nothing in the world. Normally I complain about not doing nothing because I am never satisfied but today it really was nothing. We basically had social hour for 7 hours straight. (No exaggeration) I felt like we did better but the end of the day numbers do not, usually, lie.  

By 10:45pm I was cleaning up. An hour later I was on my way home to the little hungry chihuahua waiting for dinner. 

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