Boys Version of Dinner!

Thurs. June 5, 2018 

After the long day I had yesterday I made sure to rest as much as my body to could handle. It does not help that I went to bed after 3 in the morning either.  

What to start with? 

I woke up at 11:30am to a ray of sun shining in my face. As much I tried to hide from it there was no escape. For about 45 minutes I laid in bed with my phone in hand. I did not want to get up. I played Dragon Ball Legends for entertainment as I contemplated on when to get up. When I roll out of bed to use the bathroom, I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes playing the game until I decided to officially get moving.  


(photo found on Google images)

After brushing my teeth, I went back into the bedroom to put on a pair of shorts. Since I am alone there is no need to sleep with any on. Then I said good morning to the dog as I picked him up so we could head downstairs.  

In the kitchen I set up the table with my gear. Laptop in front of me, iPad off to the left and phone on the right. I was ready for action. But first I needed to handle a couple of empty stomachs. For the dog he ate his usual bowl and for me cinnamon raisin swirl toast with orange juice. It was a great breakfast/late lunch.   

Now it was time to get started. 

I pulled the laptop towards me so I could begin writing. The next few days will be busy and if I can get some things completed today it would make my days easier. For at least an hour and a half I clicked away on the keyboard. I would have kept going if the battery on the laptop was not reading 5%. It actually worked out, forcing me to close the lid for a bit while it gained a bit of charge.  

While the laptop did its thing, I heated up the chicken sandwiches that I bought from Bonchon Chicken on Tuesday. They are honestly better than the wings, which is what they are known for. I love how the bread is toasted, the chicken is nice and spicy, the single cucumber to help bring the heat level down and the coleslaw to add a bit of sweetness to it. Very good! 

While eating I set the Chromecast to stream “Supernatural.” For the next week I will be binging the showing whenever I have time. I am probably the only ‘fan girl’ for this show and I am proud to say it. I have been watching it since season 1, episode 1, without missing a thing. Over time, I have never re-watched the series from the beginning but I just might one day for fun.  

Heading out. 

Around 5pm I sent my best friend, the Twitch streamer, a text message asking if he was out of work. We had planned to hang out today and I just wanted to make sure he was still up for it. To my surprise he was already home about to shower. While he did that I got dressed. 

At his house he jumped in the car and we took off. We went to our local spot The Rock for a drink and grub. After about an hour we left full and content. On the way back to his house I made a quick stop. The other day when my girlfriend left to Florida I had a very delicious acai bowl with fruit and granola. The place she got it from was along the way so I could not resist grabbing myself another one. With the bowl, my best friend ordered himself a protein smoothie with peanut butter and banana. Not my kind of drink but hey, he liked it.  

Back at his place I put the bowl in his deep freezer to keep it fresh while we messed around with his Nintendo Switch. He recently purchased a game called Mario Tennis Aces and I have never played it. He loves the game so I was more than ready to give it a shot. After 6 matches I could understand why he enjoys playing it so much. It is very competitive when playing against another person and challenging when trying to keep up with them. When I get the Switch this game will definitely be purchased.  


(photo found on Google images)

Done with the fun. 

I left his house around 9pm in order to give him time to set for his stream. Technically he should have started at that time but tennis took priority at that moment. On my way back to my girlfriend’s house I stopped in Marshalls to see what was new. I have been in the market for sneakers but have not found a pair I truly like. This night was no different. The moment I walked over the shoe racks I knew I was in trouble. Everything was a mess. There was no order to the madness. The sad part is that I actually found a pair I really liked but my size was not available. From there I went over to the men’s clothing area where the disorganization forced me to turn around and leave the store.  

I do not know what happened in the store but it was not a place to shop tonight. 


Back at the house I got undressed and comfortable. I tried to finish my typing while the dogs bowl soaked but I had a hard time doing so. The WiFi connection was horrible for some reason. I could not figure out why since I was in the same spot from earlier. It confused me so much that I left it to finish washing the bowl. After serving the dog his dinner I moved the laptop into the dining room where the connection was completely restored. Unfortunately, the work I just did in the kitchen did not save so I was force to start from scratch. What can you do? 

Around 10:45 I shut everything down and went into the fridge to get my acai bowl. I was excited to enjoy its flavors. While eating, the obvious played on the TV. Within 10 minutes my bowl was finished leaving me with a thought of ‘buy 2 next time.’ 


Upstairs in the bedroom by 12:15am I laid in bed talking to my girlfriend. In the middle of catching up with our days she remembered that the trash needed to be taken out, remind me that the trash needed to be taken out. It was unavoidable no matter how hard I tried. My pants went on, a shirt, slippers. Down the stairs I went to take care of a late-night chore. 



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