Independence Day With No Action!

Weds. July 4, 2018 

Happy Independence Day!  

It will be the first time in 3 years that I will be working on July 4th.  The lady I work with and I do not usually take jobs on big holidays but this time she did. Normally we do not do anything but spend it with our families. This year we will be spending it with each other at Pier 13 with the rest of the vendors friends and people who want to party at the docks.  


(photo found on Google images)

Get a move on it! 

I woke up early, 8:30am, to make sure that I was ready to go on time. As I waited for the hours to go by I worked on my post for tomorrow since I will be out all day making money. At the very end of it I realized that my planning was poor. It was 10am, the time I needed to leave but was not ready to. In my head I had more than enough time to get several things done. I was wrong. Before rushing out of the door I quickly set up the dog’s food for him to eat whenever he got hungry. There was no way, no matter how late I was, that he was not going to get his meal. I set the air conditioner on low to keep him cool and shot out the door. I could not believe it was already 10:30 when I needed to meet the lady I work with by 11am. Shoot! 

Thanks to the GPS I was able to be directed on the quickest route. With my driving skills and Google navigation I was able to make it to the parking garage by 10:55. I do not know how I did it but it happened. The lady I work with ended up calling me as I made my way towards her. It was perfect timing. I had messaged her before I left the house to let her know I was going to be late. She was surprised to see me on time. Barely 5 minutes behind.  

After having a short conversation in the pier driveway, she took off to Mitsuwa to get us some breakfast. Her son was already getting things set for the day waiting for me to arrive. It was nice to see the kid. He is like a little brother to me, with a lot of random knowledge that I do not understand half of the time but I love talking to him anyway.  

Go time. 

Before even getting started I noticed right away that he got a new phone. His old one went through hell getting a cracked screen that spread throughout the phone and still managed to work. It was only recently that the charging port busted so he was forced to upgraded. A big upgrade at that. He went from an Android Honor to an iPhone X. Me personally, could not have done it, but I was glad he did. I was finally about to try out the iPhone X‘s special Animoji feature. I have wanted to try it out since the phones release but no one around me ever purchased it. For 20 minutes I had the best time of my life.  


(photo found on Google images)

The rest of the day was simple. There were several DJs playing not so good mixes. Working with vendors that we enjoy we ate a ton. Unfortunately, it was ice cream which was mainly sugar so it ended up not being so good for the stomach. Especially since I had a matcha green tea milkshake with tapioca beforehand. Let’s just say I replaced the sweetness with rice and water the rest of the night along with a single taco and two very small slices of pizza.  

The crowd was not large either, very small so it was manageable. We expected at least double of what we saw but it was understandable. There were no fireworks planned this evening. None. Zilch. Nada. Imagine the disappointment in our hearts and those around us. If I had to choose between a place with a nice light show and a place that does not have any, well I would like the booming glow. 

Almost over and out of the heat. 

Halfway through the day her son calls his father to pick him up. He had not been feeling well throughout the day from the heat and poor eating. The kid did not make the cut today but he sure felt better later that night. I wonder if we got played? I might respect why since it involved a little someone he knows that works at Cold Stone Creamery. 


(photo found on Google images)

By 11pm everything was over. The people left, vendors packed up and even some of the staff was heading home. We were the only ones left on the pier besides security. A few minutes later I was on the road to see the chihuahua that probably very lonely.  

I park the car in the driveway around 12:45am and headed up to the apartment. The moment I walked through the door the poor dog ran up to me with excitement. I forgot to leave a light on for him so for at least 4 hours he was in the dark. His only food source was all dried up from 10:30 this morning looking crusty and gross. I knew he was starving. So was I. After scrubbing his bowl and setting food down for him I was finally able to relax.  

On the floor next to him sat my iPad with Face Time so my girlfriend could see her dog. It has been one day and she misses him already. While they had their fun, I had my dinner. Afterwards a shower where I washed my hair from the smell of sweat and oil.  

In bed by 3:20am! I will be sleeping in tomorrow for sure. 

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