New Month With A Bang!

Sun. July 1, 2018 

Sunday morning with my love laying next me.  

The thought of it in my head last night was much better than what actually happened. Her dog kept me up all night again. His nails need to be cut so as he paced through the night the only sound I heard was of his nails tapping against the floor. It was annoying but I pushed to sleep through it. Then he decides to get himself stuck behind the dresser for about 30 minutes. My girlfriend worried so much that she checked the entire house before waking me up in a panic. She could not find him anywhere. not in our room, her sisters, down stairs or anywhere. The moment I got out of bed there he was poking his head out from behind my backpack. I leaned my bag against the side of the dresser last night so it would not be in the way. Unfortunately, it ended up blocking his way out from behind his enclosure. It was so tight that he came in one way but could not turn around to exit. 


Bitmoji alarm ME

The rest of the morning he stayed with us in bed, walking back and forth, scratching at the blanket for comfort. I was certain I would not sleep. Around 9am my girlfriend caught me off guard. She started to rubbed my head until I fell to sleep. I never knew that would work. She woke up around 11am ready to start her day while I could not bear the thought of getting up after our night. She even got up, got dressed and left to go food shopping for breakfast. My plan last night was to wake in each other’s arms and watch some TV. That never happened. 

11:45am I got up.  

My girlfriend was back home and had not come up to see me. I figured she had started breakfast so I grabbed my iPad, laptop and study manual before going downstairs. My thought was to get a bit of studying as she cooked her heart away. 

While in the kitchen I watched my girlfriend set up the stove for pancakes, bacon and sausage. She looked like she was on a mission with her measuring cup, glass bowl and fork. It was really cute. After a while I jumped in to flipped a few pancakes and throw strips of bacon on the frying pan. It was a nice couples activity. After everything was cooked we placed the plates on the table and dug in. My girlfriend’s sister was with us but she did not want to join in. She picked at the center plate a bit but had to save her appetite for a lunch date she set up with a friend.  

After enjoying our meal, we went into the living room to watch TV while we digested. Too much food was made and not enough stomach space to put it. It was a delicious time. Too bad our days had to start and couch time was cut short. 

Busy night! 

Around 3pm my girlfriend left to beat a store from closing at 4. She needed to pick up a few colors to do her sister’s hair. Right after she left I got ready to head out myself. Within 15 minutes I was in my car on the way to work.  


(photo found on Google images)

Today we were catering in Bayonne. It was the mayor’s inauguration and a celebration was being thrown in a park nearby for his success. It was a 5 hour event with the expectancy of over 200 people from all over. When we got there the lady and I were told to prepare for over 3,000 hungry people that were going to be coming straight from the inauguration. They even had fireworks set up to go off right before the park shut down for the night as a grand ending. The problem was the heat. Today’s high was 101 degrees and no breeze. How busy were we going to be? 

The grand ending. 

Our assumption was right. People were around but nowhere near 3,000, let alone 2,000. With each shuttle bus that came by between 2 – 4 people go off. Wherever they came from not may bodies were present. More people from the surrounding homes were there than from the inauguration. With over six vendors, we were that last ones looked at. We started at 6pm only seeing about 20 people max at our window. It worked out for us because we were able to stay cool but it was boring since there was no work to do. honestly loved it. I do not like the heat so I was able to relax and keep myself from exerting any unnecessary energy.  


(photo found on Google images)

By 9pm we were cleaning up. We were contracted to stay until 10 so after that we were free to go. As we were cleaning up the fireworks went off leaving the sky colorful after loud booms. Around 10:20 we left. An hour later I was at my girlfriend’s house getting ready for a shower. Before bed I studied for a quite a bit while eating a mango.  


My test is tomorrow and I have not studied as much as I should have. I will basically be winging it with some knowledge. Completely disappointed in myself.  


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