Woke Up For Development & Bonding!

Sat. June 30, 2018 

I have a day off. 

I woke up at 6:30 this morning along with my love. We both had to be out of the house early. She had to be at work and I had to be in the office. It was nice getting up and dressed together. We even walked out of the door together and kissed each other goodbye as we walked to our individual cars.  

On my way to the office I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up breakfast. I woke up with a serious appetite forcing me to get a little more than a drink. I decided to have a toasted raisin bagel with light butter and a pistachio frozen coffee. I have not had it in a while honestly enjoying it more than I thought I would. I might have even forgot that they sold bagels.  


(photo found on Google images)

Personal development. 

The office was great. Not many people showed up for this mornings training. They missed out on a huge chance to bank great information. It was very informative with different perspectives from about six people or so. The beauty about days like these is that you never know which speaker you will connect with more. For me I connect with the ones who struggled to or took longer to achieve their success since I am still working on mine.  

Training finished around 11am. After chit chatting with a few colleagues I did not end up leaving until 11:30 or so. I do not show up to the office on Saturdays like I used to so it is good to see familiar faces.  


(photo found on Google images)

On the way back to my girlfriends house I decided to stop by my place for bit. Before then I quickly pulled into Stop and Shop for a few things. The house needed bread for breakfast, instant coffee for the week and two types of creamers – powdered and liquid. I prefer the powered creamer over the liquid but just me. I also picked up a small bouquet of flowers for my mother. She has been a bit down lately and loves flowers so why not show her some love.  

Home is where the love is! 

Finally home after a couple of days I went straight to wash clothes. I used up all of my work clothes and need them cleaned for tomorrow and next week. As they went through the wash cycle I went outside to hose down my car. The water that came out if it was hot. By mistake I let it slip spraying me with boiling water. It surprised me. Either way I needed to wash off the coffee I spilled on the roof of my Honda so I dragged the hose down the driveway close enough to my car. Brown coffee on a white car will stain and not for the better.  

Back inside the house I set up the flowers in a vase and set them on the table. I wanted them to be the first thing seen as she walked into the kitchen.  

Being in the kitchen I decided to eat something. There was left over pizza in the refrigerator from last night so I heated that up for a late lunch. While I ate I caught up with DashieGames. I am still behind a few videos but I think two a day will get me back on his regular schedule. After having my fill I went to work on my new build. It has been a while since I put some work into it. After analyzing my new parts and finding out I used them wrong, things started to pick up. I got one of the GPUs running which was a great victory. But with that came great disappointment. I thought I was fully ready for operation when I realized that my Internet connection was going to be a problem. The router sits in the living and I do not need the new build over there. For 2 hours I tried to set up, or turn it into, an old Netgear router into a ‘range extender’. Even with the tutorials and videos I could not figure it out. I was so discouraged that I packed it up for night.  

Dinner with the family. 

My girlfriend came over for dinner after work. She arrived at 5:30pm after working her shift ready to eat. There was food in the oven that was waiting to be served if it ever finished cooking. For 20 minutes the chicken sat in the oven without heat. It slipped our minds to check and see if the oven was turned on. I was very upset with myself after discovering nothing was being cooked. 

After dinner I packed my bag and watch my girlfriends favorite YouTube couple, Ace Family. Right after finishing up, my sister shows up with her child, my cousin and her daughter. My father’s birthday was on a he 25th, him turning the big 6 – 0, but we cut him a cake today since we were able to all be together. It was nice seeing them.


Bitmoji Birthday Me 

Ready for bed. 

Around 10:30pm my girlfriend and I left. Dinner was amazing, the family was fun but we were ready for bed. About 25 minutes after getting through her door we went straight up to the bathroom. It was time to wash our sweaty sticky bodies before lying in bed finally dozing off to the sound of a nice cool air conditioner. 

By 12:30am she fell asleep holding my clean foot while laid against the headboard to write this. I’m so tired… 


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