Having A Slow Day Can Be Boring!

Fri. June 29, 2018 

Sunny mornings. 

It is Friday morning and I was able to wake up next to the most beautiful women I know. As much as I wanted her to stay in bed I knew she had to go. She had to work earlier than me today so I laid in bed while she got dressed. As I laid there I peeked from under my covers as she went through her morning ritual. The way the sun shines on her is similar to an angel. Nothing but warmth and beauty. 

Around 10am I decided to get up. I wanted to get a bit of writing done before I left for work. For about an hour I did a few edits and searched the web for new topics. I have been so busy that nothing new has hit my page. The only time I have is used for studying or sleeping because of how tired I am. But that is no excess. I just need to manage myself better. 


(photo found on Google images)

On the road to… 

When I finished up I got dressed. Down in the kitchen I had myself a bowl of cereal while the dog ate down next to me from his bowl. We make good company for each other. He chews, I chew, we look at each other and keep going. Then out the door I went after saying ‘have a nice day’ to my girlfriend’s sister.  

On my way to Pier 13 I stopped at the bakery to pick up an order of two dozen hoagie rolls. The bread sells out quick so we stock up when busy is expected to be booming. Before officially making my trip, I stopped at the Dunkin‘ Donuts down the street for a frozen pistachio coffee. It was already over 80 degrees and I need something cool in my system. I took one sip and drove off happy. I do not know why it tastes so good but it is addicting. 

Money making time! 

At the parking garage I got my stuff together and grabbed the bread. As I was walking to the pier I called the lady I work with to find out how far she was. I got there early and wanted to know if it was the same case for her. It was not. She actually needed more time unexpecting the traffic along her way. Since it was hot I decided to find myself a bench with shade in the small park is across the street. I sat under a nice big tree on a wooden bench playing Dragon Ball Legends. It was soothing, peaceful and I had a great time. 


(photo found on Google images)

When she arrived I got right to it. The other vendors we already present and getting ready for service. I prepped, cleaned, organized and opened up shop. It was smooth set up. Normally I do not open up for 15 minutes after scheduled time. She even came back to everything almost complete. With her help we were more than prepared for the crowd to come. 

Oh it was a fail… 

The night ended up being worse the worse. We were not as busy as previous weeks. It was actually a sad way to end the week and month. The expectation was to beat last year’s numbers but tonight was not even close to helping. But we did enjoy ourselves. We were able to conversate with other vendors and had a lot of good laughs. We ate good food and tried some new things. Even with the day being as hot as it was, it was entertaining.  

Since nothing interesting happened today we finished up right on time. By 11pm we were done. Once 12am hit we were out of there.  

12:45am I was sitting on my girlfriend’s porch writing this for the world to see. Good night! 

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