Three Jobs in One Day!

Weds. June 27, 2018

I love kissing her goodbye.

Normally when I sleep over my girlfriends place she is the one waking up early for work. Today I have to be at work by 9 compared my normal 10:30 so I was awake way before her. This morning was going to be a busy one and I needed to prepare mentally.

Before getting into Jersey City I had to stop at Teixeira’s Bakery. Our schedule for today involved a triple – a lunch shift, a catering and a dinner shift. The catering required three dozen custard cups because of how much they love them. Ever since we first introduced them to the little cups of joy they have been hooked. Honestly those little desserts are amazing so I understand.

Lunch first.

I got to Lincoln Park, when our first event was being held, about 15 minutes late. We were a three man team – the lady I work with, her son and me – so I was not too worried about it. When I went to pick up the order, the oven was already in the process of baking something. I had to wait for 10 minutes for it to finish before the hoagie rolls were going to be cooked. During that time I took a walk around to the front of the building to get a cappuccino. Instead of wasting time why not purchase a delicious drink to help get the day going.

At the park, we participated in Brain Health & Wellness Fair. We were to vend for the locals who came out to support. It was for a good cause but I think during a bad time. It started at 10am on a Wednesday and ended at 2. Not many people are off of work during those hours so the crowd was nothing more than senior citizens and the other vendors. I think it would have been a bit more successful if the event were pushed back to when families are actually together instead of separated by work and school. Who knows?

Special delivery!

Around 11:30am, I left to make the deliver for our catering. The ride there was bumpy. There was not a single street I took that did not involve a dip or bump. By the time I got to the building to drop off their order things had spilled. I got to the place with my car smelling like a mixture of things. It was a tasty smell but one that I am confident will linger for a while. On the way back to the park I stopped at 99 Ranch to get a few items for our dinner shift. While walking out I picked up a few drinks for the three us from the place I love dearly, Coco: Fresh Tea & Juice.

Back at the park I was there for about 30 minutes before I decided to close up. Her son and I were not doing anything but getting annoyed. The two of us had enough. The lady I work with stepped out for a bit to use the bathroom. She had to go badly so she borrowed my car and left. The porta potty at the park was beyond nasty. I used it when I first got there because it was either that or poop on myself but when she had to use it no human should have stepped foot anywhere near them. Somehow someone missed the toilet by a mile. When she got back we were ready to leave.

3pm. Sayonara! 

We were on our way to the dinner location. Surprisingly it was about a block away from Pier 13. Our usual Friday night gig. We parked in front of the building sometime around 330 and left on foot to tour the town for food. We were hungry but the only options were pizza, pizza, bagels, pizza or bagels. When we finally came across something different we entered.


(photo found on Google images)

Were we decided to sit down was at Elysian in Hoboken. It is a modern French bistro with decor that, in my opinion, was a bit creepy. It had a Catholic feel to it with children angles on the ceiling doing various acts, rustic designs in between and countryside wallpaper. I am weird so I liked it but it was still creepy. The food was amazing though. I had a chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and really thick slices of bacon. I could not believe how good it was. For my first time eating there, I hope it won’t be my last.


(photo found on Google images)

Dinner anyone?

Back at the building we parked at, we got ready for our shift. It was short one from 5:30 – 8:30pm. It was our first time there so we did not know what to expect. Well it blew our minds. We were actually consistently busy. Busier than I thought we would be. I think if the building advertised for us a bit more it could have been better. I do blame it partially on the weather be it drizzled off and on so I am sure people just did not want to come out.

The moment 8:30 came around I started to pack up. I knew we would get stragglers but I wanted to get home to my lady. The quicker I rushed us, the better the chance of leaving before 9:30.

It worked…somewhat. 

We left a bit after but I got to my lady’s house by 10:15pm. I sat in the driveway writing this while I waited for her to show up. I did not see her car so I knew she was not home yet. The moment I got half way through this she pulls up. Her ability to scan the area is not the well. As I waited on the stairs for her to exit the car I scared her. She did not look around before exiting and I was not supposed to be home so soon. But I think it was a good surprise.

Up in her apartment we talked for a few minutes until I left her in the kitchen to shower. I needed to wash up before I ate but my stomach is still upset at the same time. After my shower I went to straight to bed. There was no way that food was going into my system.

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