Nights With The Woman I Love!

Mon. June 25, 2018 

So for this week I will be spending a few nights with my girlfriend at her house. I forgot my laptop so posting might  be a bit difficult to do. I have my iPad but I have not really used it for WordPress except for checking my stats and comments. Hopefully things do not look to weird and unorganized.  

Go time! 

I woke up today around 8:30am to sun rays beaming through her window. She’s the type of person who loves to wake up to a bunch of sun. I am completely different. For me, waking up in the dark is the best. But what I really enjoyed was waking up to the sight of my loves face. I do not get to do this often and getting the opportunity makes me happy.  

I had to be at work by 10:30. My girlfriend was already on her way out of the door to the beach. As I laid in bed I was filled with jealousy. Just like yesterday, the dog Max, she will be splashing around at the beach while I sweat my tail off in today’s heat. I have been dying to dip in a pool, a lake, the ocean, basically any water outside of my tub. As much as I wanted to skip work I was out the door around 9:15am. I had to stop at Teixeira’s Bakery to pick up the normal order of hoagie rolls and custard cups. 


(photo found on Google images)

Since I spent the night at my girlfriend’s house there was nothing that I normally eat in her cabinets. Usually for breakfast I would have a bowl of cereal, oatmeal or bread but today I could not find the oatmeal or milk. I did find cereal but without the milk it is not as fun. So after picking up the order from the bakery I stopped a Dunkin Donuts that was two blocks away. I thought I would get a hearty breakfast by ordering a chicken ciabatta sandwich but apparently they do not sell them anymore. I was actually very sad because their other sandwiches have eggs which I am not a fan of. My only option was to settle for hash browns and a frozen pistachio coffee.  

This is it! 

On my way to Jersey City the traffic was great. It was clear as day with no one to fight for a lane. I got to the building we park in front extremely on time by 10am. To my surprise the lady I work with showed up 15 minutes after. Our arranged time to meet was 10:30am. Normally when she says a time I know to give her an extra few minutes. Today I needed the time because my hash browns weren’t even eaten by the time she pulled in. Sheesh. 

The moment she parked we started. We setup everything, got ourselves situated and prepared to do good business. Throughout our day we served more here than we have in a month. It shocked us. We were probably missed by everyone since it has been so long since we were there. We saw the friendly faces we normally do and even old faces that have not been around. It was nice.  

Then the good bad news came.  

I thought it was going to be an early day and I would be making my home to my lady. That thought was premature. A spot opened up on Pier 13 and we were invited, suggested, to make our way over for a dinner shift. She just could not turn it down. Honestly I would not want her to even turn down business on my behalf. Unfortunately, I had cancel on spending the night with my lady. It was sad but I could not leave the lady I work with to run it by herself.  


(photo found on Google images)

We made it to the pier a half an hour after closing up in Jersey City. The night started off very slow. We prepped, ate, cleaned and then all of a sudden BAM! We were hit with a massive line that did not let up for about an hour. On top of that everyone wanted the same thing so it took extra time to serve the people that were waiting. But most of them were patient and understanding. 

Being a Monday night we were able to finish up early. Unlike Friday the pier closes at 10pm. I was packing up the moment I saw that number on the clock. We cleaned up nicely and by 11 we were on the road. 45 minutes later I was sitting in my girlfriends driveway writing this. How will the night end? 


It ended with a shower and sleep. 



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