Never Get Locked IN!

Weds. June 20, 2018 

What a day! 

I got to sleep in until 10am. I thought about staying in bed longer but my mind started racing. All I could think about was my new computer build and setting it up for the part I was getting today. So that is exactly what I did. For about an hour I worked on it. Took a break to feed my nephew and then back to getting things set up.  

After a while I got hungry and stopped for breakfast. I attempted to make Eggo waffles with the new toaster that sits on the counter. Out of four waffles three survived. The fourth burnt. Out of the three I ended up dropping one. Darn. I had two lonely discs left with Runamok Maple syrup on my plate. I started with four and sadly enjoyed two. R.I.P Eggo’s. 


(photo found on Google images)

Before I knew it, it was already 12:55pm and I had to get ready to go. As I walk to my car I have a tendency to check the front porch. I never know if the mail comes early or package delivery gets lazy to walk around back. My tendency paid off because sitting there was the computer part I had been waiting for. According to the text message received it must have just arrived. 

Get to work! 

By 1:40pm I was on the road to Teixeira’s Bakery. Today we were able to get onto Pier 13 because the person who was supposed could not make it. Lucky for us, sucky for them. Getting to the bakery was a piece of cake. I thought I would get hit with the lunch hour traffic but I must have missed it. Even making my way to the pier was easy. For the past month I have been 10 – 15 minutes late each time. Today I was actually a half hour early. I was able to park in the garage, get coffee, go for a walk and chat for a bit. I even got a tan because the lady I work with missed her exit to meet me.  

But then the boom came out of nowhere.  

As I was sitting on the pier working on my tan a loud almost explosive like sound gave way. I do not know what happened but it might have been an accidental ignition of a propane grill being lite with the output of gas too high. It was a scary sound. Similar to a big rig running into a cement wall at full speed. Everyone around was okay but it scared the heck out of all of us. A couple of us even went checking on things to make sure no one was hurt.  

Then the lady I work with showed up about 20 minutes later. She missed all the action. Since she was late I got right to work. I had 15 minutes to set up with no guarantee that I would be completely ready. 

And the night began. 

In the beginning, for about 2 hours, we were really busy. We could barely keep up and my mouth was so dry from talking my tough was getting stuck to my lips. Immediately after, it slowed down. We went from a full line to a few people every half hour or so. 

By 11:30pm we were cleaning up and from what seems to be tradition it rain as we were leaving. Secretly I was glad. It was such a hot day that the rain cooled things down drastically. It went from 85 to about 70 degrees. 

A night to remember… 

As I was dropped off to my car I noticed the side entrance to the parking garage was closed. That’s not uncommon around 12am at night so I paid it no mind. When I walked around to the front of the building is when I went into panic mode. Swiftly I pulled out my phone to call the lady I work with. I needed to make sure she would not get too far in case I needed her. Without going inside knew it was a bad sign. Luckily there was a door left slightly open so I entered unwelcomed. My suspicion was correct. I was screwed. The garage was officially closed, no one to let me out, gates locked with my car behind them. There was no way, that I could see, out. I looked hard for someone but the place was deserted. Not even the cleaning crew was around. I went to my car grabbed what I could or needed and looked for a pen. I wrote a note begging the staff not to tow my car and left on my feet instead of wheels.  


Image Credit: Rico Rodriguez

The lady I work with had to drive me home. I was so upset that I had to inconvenience her when it was already so late. I could not believe how this night ended…me carless.  

Please don’t tow me! 



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