The Thought of Losing Another Grandparent…

Sat. June 16, 2018 

I did it! 

I actually woke up at 6:45 in the morning after going to bed so late. I did not think I would be able to get since I only slept for 4 hours last night. Not that it was easy getting up but I did it. I was so dedicated to waking up this morning. I even layered up on clothing because I was not sure if I had to go straight to work after office training. That meant two pants, two shirts and it was already 70 degrees out pushing 85.  

On my way to the office, the highway lanes were tricky. Imagine a child with a coloring book trying to keep their crayolas inside of the line. That was me driving this morning. I could barely focus on the road. Now that I am writing this I probably should not have driven. But I did and before getting to the office I made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a little something to wake me up. I order a pistachio hot latte and an apple fritter, a real one unlike the disappointment from Wawa. Then back on track to my destination. 

In the parking of the office, I sat there for a minute to take a sip of the latte and bite of the fritter. Just a tease to keep me going. It was not much but it tasted so good. I hoped that that it would hold me over for a for a few but did not last any longer than an hour. After that my eyes were heavy, attention span short and my body antsy. I wiggled in my seat for 3 hours as I tried my best to focus on the word being spoken.  

All in all, training was great. I can honestly say I would have missed out on a lot if my bed kept hold of me. Once it was over we gather in our Monday night conference room for a surprise. My RVP has been away for medical reasons but returned today. To bring him joy a couple of folks put together a welcome back party. It was a really nice gesture that left him speechless and possibly on the verge of tears.  

I want a truck. 

On our way my mentor showed off his Land Rover Discovery and its 4.6 liter gas guzzling engine. The truck is a real beauty. With the engine recently rebuild and air conditioning reserviced, the truck runs better than some new cars. The only problem with is its gas tank. It takes anywhere from $70 – 100 to fill depending on the gas prices. It is an expensive drive. I would love a truck of my own without the ridiculous fill ups.  

I decided to head home before work. 

By 1:30pm I was glad to be home. As tired as I was I ran straight to the bed. I dropped everything that was in my arms, jumped out of my clothes and tucked myself under the covers. I had an hour to rest before I had to get and leave so I took advantage of every second.  

As I laid in bed fighting to get out from under the covers I received a phone call. The lady I work with had tire trouble again. She was going to be 15 minutes behind schedule because she had no choice but to get it checked. It was fine with me. I was still bed at the time. But then the unexpected happen as I started to sit up to get ready. I could hear a bit of commotion. My sister had ran downstairs and was now in the living room. It was odd. 

When I walked over, the sight was confusing. My father had my grandfather in his arms, my mother looked worried, sister had a serious face on and Grandpa looked like a rag doll. His head to head heavy for him to hold up, arms dangling straight down towards the ground, no movement, no talking, no nothing. After sitting him down my sister did a few manual medical exams, she is the medical person in our family. Immediately she called an ambulance. Possible stroke, heart attack, something worse? We could not tell but it looked bad. He just sat there barely able to keep his eyes open and yawning every couple of seconds. The sight was frightening. 


When the paramedics came I could not tell if they were experienced or were just hired 5 minutes before the call. They were as slow as a turtle. Maybe even slower. I am pretty sure my pizza delivery man moved faster than them. In my mind this was a medical emergency but they might not have thought so. After about 45 minutes they finally left.  

I was supposed to be at work by now but I called to cancel. I knew she had her son with her today so I was not too worried but I still felt bad. I had to care for my nephew during the time my mother and sister were at the hospital. There was not much time to get the baby dressed, pack and bag, and load him in the car. Especially not with the constant questions that were being asked about three times each. It seemed like survey hour. 

From 2 – 8:30pm it was a constant back and forth with text messages. The doctors could not figure out what happened but they were able to rule out heart issues. Thank God! They also discovered that he had contracted a colon infection called C Diff (whatever that it) and were treating that. Just to monitor him they kept him over night. The weight was lifted off of my heart but he is not in the clear yet.

Throughout the entire time I worked on my writing. I was worried that I would not be able to post anything with my crazy schedule leaving no gaps for me time. With this unfortunate event I made the best of it.  

The rest of the night I watched an episode of My Hero Academia” and then off to bed.  



I need to study more! I have a test on July 2 that I am not prepared for it. Plus I am a horrible test taker. 

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