Wawa Run In The World of Laundry!

Thurs. June 14, 2018 

Ohhhhh I over slept. 

I had to leave the house by 8:45am and only had 15 minutes to do so. In a hurry I sent a text message. I needed to verify the time I was supposed to meet the lady I work with. We spoke about it last night but I forgot to write it down. Thankfully she pushed our time to meet to 9:45 giving me an extra 15 minutes. I am glad I double checked. 

Slowing down a bit, I got dressed and had breakfast. With the time spared to me I was glad to use it eating. I hate leaving the house without something in my stomach. It messes with my mood in the morning. 

Over and out! 

I was at her house by 9:40. She was practically ready to go. The only help I provided was loading up one or two things and locking the door. Then we were off. But before making our way to the work site we stopped at a huge Wawa for gas. While the tank filled up, we walking into the shop to grab some coffee. On the way out we spotted a fresh pastry cabinet with donuts, muffins and other items. I grabbed myself an apple fritter and for her, a muffin. At the register we saw something else that looked good, hash browns, so we bought two. I had already eaten but somehow had space left for more. 

8-23-17 Wawa sign_1503527687395_8208844_ver1.0_640_360

(photo found on Google images)

[At the location we parked in an area with the most shade. The weather was fantastic! It was comfortably over 75 degrees with the strongest gusts I have felt in awhile. It was warm in the sun and chilly in the shade. Perfect weather!]

We were familiar with today’s location. We did a catering there last year for I believe an Employee Appreciation Day. With our experience, or knowledge of the place, we expected it to be busy so we prepared for the masses. Unfortunately, our expectations were too high. From the looks of the parking lot, there were not many people present. When lunch rolled around it was proven. For the first 2 hours we probably saw ten people. To make matters worse we had to pack up and move to a different building for the last hour. At the second area we only served three people. It was truly a waste of time. Within 20 minutes we cleaned up and left.  

Back at her house I helped unload the truck and bring things in. Since the day was short we did not have much to do. It was quicker than usual. From there we went our separate ways as she had to go shopping for tomorrow.

Not done yet! 

Once home I quickly took a shower and got ready to leave again. It was already 6:30pm. The plan was to leave a lot sooner but traffic was ridiculously backed up. I understand it was rush hour but I think if we all moved at the same pace there will never be a jam. I needed to be at the laundromat before last wash which is at 830. The clothes I washed last week were already in the hamper and had to be reunited with the washing machine. I have a limited amount of clothes for work and I only go to one laundromat because I trust it. Beside that, it is down the street from my girlfriends house so I get to see her at the same time. 


(photo found on Google images)

While my clothes tumbled around in the washer I worked on a few Word documents. I had a great set up going. iPad on my lap, backpack on the folding table and my phone right on top of it so I could see it whenever I looked up. Without noticing, the machine my clothes were in was done. It finished a lot quicker than last time I feel. Maybe because I was so focused on the iPad. When I began the dry cycle my girlfriend stopped by to say ‘hi.’ She was on her way out for a meeting with her co-workers at one of her bosses home. 

By the time my clothes finished completely drying and were folded, it was basically time for her to go. Before that she walked over to CVS with me so I could buy a tube of hair product. I am due for a haircut and ran out of cream to hold it together. I need to set up an appointment ASAP. 

Time to part ways. 

After making my purchase I walked her to her car. In her attempt to stall time, because she wanted stay, we talked about her business Instagram, _colourbydamarys, and its progression. She has made an improvement with follows and likes and was very excited about it. After me complaining that she was running late we said ‘talk to you later’ with some kiss, and not the chocolate kind.

Back home I was hungry. Gladly I was reminded that I had leftovers in the fridge. I had forgotten about the Penne alla Vodka that I could not finish. I poured it into a porcelain tray and through it in the oven to heat up. It was deliciously fresh. Never microwave noodles. It ruins the taste. While I ate my computer screen had Crunchyroll streaming “My Hero Academia.” I was extremely hyped after two episodes but had to stop for productivity. 


(photo found on Google images)

To end the night I scheduled a few post for the next 2 days because I will be working a lot and then off to bed by 1. I am going to be so upset with myself in the morning. 


The fritter was not good at all. I would not recommend it… 


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