Top 6 E3 Games, Day 3!

I must say, this year’s E3 is beyond anything I could have expected. Title after title, trailer after trailer, my wallet has emptied itself and none of the games are in my possession. I might have to clone myself in order to enjoy these amazing works of art that were bought into our lives. Day 3 has left me stunned just like the previous two days with an eagerness to game out.

Here are My Top 6 games of Day 3, E3 2018:

1.  The game that many Nintendo lovers have been waiting for since the Switch‘s release has finally been announced. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be coming to the Switch and better than ever. From my understanding every character that you could possibly remember from previous versions will be introduced to this all new but different game. I really like how they thought outside of the box to allow ‘stage picking’ before ‘character picking.’ It will add more of a challenge when competing against a foe or friend. I also enjoy the new toy poodle who makes its random appearances as other dogs before it.

2.  There is nothing more to say than HURRY UP. Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee will be the reason for me finally getting a Switch. I, part of the rare few, enjoy the heck out of Pokémon GO! and am super excited that it will be compatible to the new game. I currently use a Pokémon GO! Plus, but when November comes around will be trading it in for the Poké Ball Plus. With these beautiful graphics, the games we all know and love have been completely overhauled but with its classic feel.

3.  I am no stranger to the Battle Royal of Fortnite. I used to play it frequently, almost every day, during the winter when the work season was slow. Now knowing it is on the Switch makes things very exciting. One question though, do I really need to create a new account?

4.  When I began to watch this trailer, I must admit it was not too exciting. Within seconds I was proved wrong. The Quiet Man looks crazy good. My first thoughts, a vigilante who is deaf but uses his imperfection as a source of fuel. Sort of like “Daredevil.”

5.  I do not own a VR system but after watching this I might need one. Transference is a horror escape game. I am actually a big fan of these types of games and have played many on the PC. If they can create a non-VR version of the game I would get it in a heartbeat.

6.  Anthem, another Destiny play-alike. The difference, flying mechanical suits. The game has your standard features like open world looting, powerful abilities, team play, insane weapons and has to be one of the best looking games so far.

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