Mon. June 11, 2018

Who knew?

I got a good amount of rest last night. I still went to bed late but it did not seem to affect me much. I woke up at 8:30am feeling good about the day. I was ready to take advantage of it and do my best. With 45 minutes on the clock I got ready for work. I put on clothes, went to the kitchen for breakfast and had the last bit of milk with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Today I was to work in Jersey City, or so I thought.

To start off I drove over to the bakery to pick up my order for the day. Hoagie rolls, custard cups. When I got there, I could tell that it was not ready. Normally I would get a text message in the morning from the lady I work with letting me know to pick it up but this morning there was none. I called her while standing at the counter as the little Spanish lady who tends to me stared in confusion. I was just as lost as she was. When the lady I work with answered I asked a simple question, Hey, did you order the bread? In confusion she could not talk properly. At that moment I knew I was at the bakery for nothing.

After she figured out how to get her words straight she said: Didn’t you get my text yesterday?

Me: What text?

Her: I’ll send you a picture.

Me: Okay. 

When the message came through I knew my eyes had been forced open by the alarm for nothing. She had given up her spots for the day because she was having car trouble. Today at noon was the earliest her mechanic could work on it.


I went straight home.

Back in the house I decided to get a few things down. First on my list was to try and get my car maintenanced. It has had the ‘check engine light’ on for a while but my days off happen to be the same days my mechanic takes. I was even willing to compromise and take it to Pep Boys. They are expansive but a lot cheaper than the dealer. Plus, I won’t have to worry about them trying to force me to upgrade. But that did not work out. For them to check the light I have to set an appointment, they were not available for today, and that did not include labor if they decided to work on it. So, I said forget it.

To keep things moving I folded clothes that were laying around from the week. I have a bad habit of piling them up and making one big chore of it at the end of the week. Then I put away empty waters bottles into a recycling bag, took out the trash, cleaned off my dresser, vacuumed, rescheduled my exam for July so I can study some more, wrote for a bit and even started putting together my new PC. I still need one or two more parts but with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, it won’t be a problem.


(photo found on Google images)

Throughout the whole tidying process, I watched a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.” I am starting to realize that I might have actually seen season 8 already. Whenever an episode played I knew what was coming up next. The real question is, How far did I originally get into the season? Besides watching TV, I took an allergy pill and right after made a berry banana smoothie. It consisted of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, banana and coconut water. Around 3pm I was hungry so made a plate of pasta with meatballs.

Monday night fun!

As every other week before I had to get ready to head into the office. When 5:30pm showed on the clock I jumped in the shower. For clothing I went with a new outfit combination that I had never used before. Picture this – olive green chino pants, white button up shirt, black blazer on top and black wingtip boots. To accessorize – a black belt, brown leather woven bracelet with a black beaded one next to it and on the other wrist a brown and black watch. I think it was sharp.

Tonight, we had our Business & Money Seminar so the place was packed. Unlike last week there were more people here to conversate with. I want to say we had a great time and received great training as well. I even hung around afterwards to get some extra bonding time in with the team. 

On the way home, I stopped at a 24-hour Walgreens to get Aspercreme pain patches for my back. I have not had the time to see my chiropractor so my back has been flaring up every now and again. Tonight, I could not take it. I needed some relief without the new traditional way of pain pills. I also bought two bottles of Gatorade because my refrigerator is boring and paired it with chips to snack on.


To the end the night I watched Day 2 of E3 and holy crap I cannot wait for games to start releasing. I am extremely excited for The Last of Us, Part II and Kingdom Hearts III the most. I will be glued to the TV when I get them.

(photos found on Google images)


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