A True Family Moment!

Sun. June 10, 2018

Early, huh.

My plan for this morning was to sleep in as much as possible and take advantage of my bed. But by 10am I was up and ready to get going. I thought since I went to bed at 2:30am last night I would not be able to get up until noon. Normally on Sundays I am out for the count.

What helped was my best friend texting me in the morning. It was the initial reason for me to open my eyes. Then soon after he called me. I guess my text message took too long to get to him. He was purchasing Comic Con tickets for this October and wanted to get mine before they sold out. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. Before ticket purchase, my account it is under had to be verified and active. I never read the email and missed the deadline, May 30. Ten days too late. Hopefully they open up a late registration.

My family!

While on the phone I was entertained by the commotion in the background. It was his girlfriend yelling at it him for something. I did not want to ask what was happening but it was juicy. I stayed on the phone longer than I needed to just to listen. After a few minutes I could tell my best friend being on the phone was not helping so I parted ways even though I really did not want to. With that I was definitely awake.

For breakfast I ate with the family. The entire family – mom, pop, sister, nephew. On the table sat eggs, pancakes, milk and Aunt Jemima syrup. Brewing on the counter was a pot of fresh coffee. It was nice having everyone around. It’s been a while.


(photo found on Google images)

Around 1pm my girlfriend comes over to join the bonding session. She had not seen my nephew in I do not know how long and really wanted to see him. Of course, that did not work out right away. The little guy ended up falling asleep about half an hour before.

To start off our night we did something we have not done in months. We sat back and watched a movie. We actually watched a full movie from beginning to end. Coming to theatres June 21 will be latest addition to the wonderful dinosaur franchise, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”


(photo found on Google images)

In preparation to watching it I set up the TV so my lady could get a good understanding of how the second movie came to be. She never saw the first part that released 3 years ago in 2015. She saw the trailer to the second movie and got excited so it was imperative that she watched part one. She loved it so when the new movie releases we will taking a trip to see it. During the end of the movie my nephew wakes up. Happy to see him, the three of us ended up watching it together. It was fun.

Around 6pm things start to get heated.

I mean really heated. My father, outside in a drizzle, had the grill hot and loaded with beef ribs and barbecue chicken. On the side my sister had sweet potato fries, the red and white kinds, cooking in her new Power Air Fryer. Since it was the first time she used it, getting the right temperature set was troublesome. The fries were either undercooked or overcooked. Soon enough she will have it down packed but I took the old-fashioned route. I dropped cut up Idaho potatoes in fresh canola oil on the stove.


(photo found on Google images)

By 7pm we were once again enjoying a meal together, this time with my love included. I also forgot to mention we had corn on the cob. A very important item with barbecued food.

Late night fun.

Afterwards my mother, father, sister, girlfriend and I took the time to cut a birthday cake we had in the freezer from the 28th. It was my sister’s birthday but since our dog passed we never got to enjoy the moment. It did not feel right. While having cake we sat in the living room, minus pop, to watch TV. Family Feud, Kardashian edition, was on and my girlfriend wanted to see it.


(photo found on Google images)

Once finished my girlfriend and I went to do our own thing. To end the night, we had some alone time. When she fell asleep I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory.” Before I went to sleep I took a shower.


During the movie earlier I had E3 streaming on my computer and a Bluetooth headset in my ear. 2019 games are looking good so far. Cannot wait to see what Day 2 has in store for tomorrow.


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