A Lovely Day of Workplay!

Fri. June 8, 2018 

Sleep is a blessing.  

Not many people actually get to enjoy their sleep. Some snore too hard, choke on their saliva or feel overwhelmed and to uneasy to lay down. Sometimes I am antsy, toss and turn all night but lately with the constant working and long hours every other day, I have not had a problem. 

Bitmoji version of Me

I slept in until 9:05am. Such a weird time to wake up but that is what the clock read as my eyes opened. I had 4 hours until I had to leave for work. Four hours to spend possibly wisely. To start off I wrote, wrote some more, read and wrote some more. For 2 hours I did not move from my seat. By 11am my stomach was rumbling, I was hungry and had to stop.  

For breakfast I had the usual, a bowl of cereal. Today I went with Frosted Flakes mixed with Rice Krispies and sliced banana. It was so good. While I ate I finished up a DashieGames video that was not finished from a few days ago. It was cut off in the middle which meant I had something important to do because I ALWAYS finish watching them. I forgot why I stopped but it was completed today. Afterwards I checked out several news outlets to see how the world was doing. I went from USA Today to Forbes to Entrepreneur. I even found an article I want to post on the blog if I ever get a moment to. 

Whats next? 

My brain had enough information poured in it that down time was needed. Scrolling through the TV show guide on my phone I decided to watch Young Sheldon. The only problem was I could not. The show was dubbed in a language that I could not understand. It was a real bummer. The show has many great reviews with is why I decided to watch it. To fill in the gap I went with the, I guess you can say origin of the show, The Big Bang Theory. I used to watch it every day but stopped at season 8. I do not remember why I never continued to watch it but it was great to see another episode after so long.  


(photo found on Google images)

By 2:20pm I was on the road and headed to the bakery. I need to get bread before heading over to the pier. The bread we had already, suffered an ugly fate. It was left out in the heat and stiffened up like hard clay. Force was needed in order to squeeze it for a fluffy test. Rest in peace bread.  

It is usually a simple in and out. I walk in, get my order, pay and walk out. Except today they did not have it ready. They had either forgot to print out the order slip or lost it. After about 15 minutes of standing at the counter playing Dragon Ball Legends, I finally got my order. It took a while but they figured it out.   

maxresdefault (1)

(photo found on Google images)

At the pier and late. 

Since the bakery took longer than normal I was behind schedule. Normally I do not spend more than 5 minutes but today it through me off. I was setting up by 3pm as the lady I work with took off to get food for us. Along with grabbing lunch, early dinner, she had to get other stuff for us to survive the night. It was a long hot day which is typically a good indicator of being busy. 

Even with the weather perfectly set the day ran pretty slow for a Friday. Normally we do not have time to breath but the crowd that came in matched the crowd that left. It was as if the people were on a constant rotation. A rotation that did not help us any. The way I saw it, five people walked in and five people walked out. 

We actually took it easy. With the time available we prepped for tomorrow, ate, talked and enjoyed the time. By 10pm we were ready to leave but we still had an hour before shutting down. From 10:30 – 11:30pm we had our power hour. We ran strong as everyone else cleaned up to leave.  

12:20am on the road home.  

In bed by 2:30am. Night! 

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