Many New Places To Visit!

Weds. June 6, 2018 


I should have woken up early today to get a head start but I was so comfortable that I stayed in bed. It was 8:30am by the time I decided to roll over and swing my legs out. Since I was out last night taking care of my laundry and spending time with my lady, I did not get home until after 12am. By the time I actually went to bed it was later than I had hoped. I even forgot to lock the back door to my home. The entire night it was accessible to public. Not a very safe thing to do.  

Either way I was up and dressed in my nice clean, washed clothes. For breakfast I had a bowl Frosted Flakes but added banana with it for a bit more flavor. It was basically a bowl of sweets but it tasted great. Nice and stuffed I filled my pockets with my wallet, house keys, car keys and phone. By 9:45am I was walking out the door to my car.

On the road I headed to a new location. Before getting there, I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts that happened to be on the same street as the new location. I picked up an iced vanilla latte for the lady I work with and hot pistachio latte for myself. I also bought an apple crumb donut that I did not want, just because. It might possibly become a midnight snack. 

New places to visit! 

Today we were invited to cater for a logistics company that is part of Japan Post. I believe it is Japanese postal service ranging from standard mail delivery to cargo transport. Today was Japan Day at the company and they had a very nice theme going. The workers were enthusiastic about the mini party but did not stay too long. Within an hour we finished with an hour still left on the clock. The company actually packed up the tents and tables before we even shut down. There might have been one or two lonely tables left in the lot as we drove away.  

Since there was about 3 hours to spare before our next gig we decided to head over to 99 Ranch. On the way there, the lady I work with changed her mind. Right at the last minute she turned in a different lot to enter a different Asian market called Kam Man. This one I have never been to. Iwas exciting 


(photo found on Google images)

In the same lot there was a tea shop called Gong Cha. I have never heard of it but the reviews on Google were great. The lady I work with and her son get drinks from there every so often so she was familiar with the place. Before I could even finish reading the menu, she had order me a drink. I guess I took too long. The good thing is she knows my taste for things pretty well and has not failed me yet. She ordered me a mango yogurt drink with pudding chucks. It was definitely different from the mango Yakult I really enjoy from CoCo: Fresh Tea and Juice. Not too sure I will get it again. 


(photo found on Google images)

Final job! 

On the way to our last catering for the day we realized we were still an hour ahead of schedule. To waste more time we stopped at her house to leave my car. The next event is close to her so it made sense. At her house we saw her son for a few minutes. He was in the basement with a friend entertaining a hobby of his, building model Gundam. To be honest I was too lazy to walk down the stairs so I talked from a distance.  


(photo found on Google images)

Back on the road by 4:45pm to a hotel where the event was taking place. Back at the place I had never heard of from about 2 weeks ago, the Westin. It was a 25 minute drive in which I could have slept. But I held it together and stayed awake.  

It was a simple one like this morning. In and out basically. Everyone ate at the same time and left at the same time. If you added up the in between time we spent serving it would probably add up to an hour. We were technically done before schedule but the event planner was not sure if people would come back out for more. We stayed around just in case. But once we got the ‘OK’ to leave we were packed up in a heartbeat. 

The road to bed! 

We were at her house by 9:30pm. We unloaded everything and said our goodbyes. I was home by 10:35, in the shower and then at my desk. I wrote until my eyes could not handle the light and then off to bed. 

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