Cappuccinos Are Amazing!

Mon. June 4, 2018

Up and at em!

It was raining at 7:15 this morning when I went out to move my car. I thought today was going to be a nice day but I guess the weather changed. Back inside I went straight to bed until 8:30. Once up I got dressed in the new clothes that were bought last night because I was too lazy to spend 2 hours in the laundromat. For breakfast I had the usual, a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal. As I walked out the door to head to work, to my surprise no rain. Where did it go?

Today I worked in Jersey City so I made my weekly stop before getting there. At Teixeira’s Bakery I picked up an order of hoagie rolls and custard cups. No catering this time, just for the weekly faces we see. I even took the time to get two cappuccinos from the front end of the store. I went in at the perfect time. No line and the only wait was for the espresso machine to do its thing.


(photo found on Google images)

On my way and running late but so was she.

Finally, in Jersey City and about 10 minutes away I sent a text to the lady I work with letting her know that time has moved faster than expected. She sent a text back letting me know she was behind schedule as well. To be honest I knew she would not mind. I had one of her favorite coffees in my car so her excitement level would have over ruled the tardiness. But I still beat her.

As soon as she arrived we got to it. We had less than an hour to set up. We ended up taking more time and opening up a bit late. We had less stuff prepared than we thought. Either way, at the end of the day service was good. It was short and sweet, we saw friendly faces, and had the weather was clear.

By 3pm we packed up and were ready to head off. The plan was for me to go shopping with here at 99 Ranch but then I received a text message. It was from the postal service letting me know a package I ordered last week was delivered and sitting somewhere at the back of my house. I knew it was on my back porch and very visible. Normally I would not care but the contents in the box were pricey. Without a doubt plans changed and I went straight home.

I could not wait to get home!

Since I left early there was no traffic. Within a half an hour I was walking up the driveway towards my back door. When it came into sight I smiled with joy. It was like Christmas. With the package in my hand I made my way to a table and found a knife. The computer parts I ordered from gpuShack finally arrived. I have a new build coming in the near future and I am excited.



(photo found on Google images)

After opening it up and checking out the merchandise I got ready for a shower. It is Monday night and time to get trained. By 6:45pm I was headed out the door once again and on my way to the office. The last time I had seen any of my colleagues was the day of the picnic when I had to rush away for the families now deceased dog. Before getting to the office I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to get a pistachio frozen coffee and an apple crumb donut. I have become a bit obsessed with the flavor and am somewhat disappointed it is only seasonal. That means I need to get it as much as I can while I can.

Home again.

It was a good session. I thought a lot about improving my life and building something worth generational wealth. I realized I like to work but working is not forever. I should be using my youth to create something that will last me a lifetime and secure my future families living. I heard a lot about young adults making millions while I still make minimum wage. I need to change my thinking and follow in their footsteps. 

“Be proactive, don’t try to catch up.”

I left the office right after training. I had to take a trip to the pet hospital to pick the ashes of our beloved dog. Nearly two weeks later and it pained me to pick up the bag. By 10pm I was home with ashes. Precious was back home and next to me on the table. I sat back in my chair, ate my donut from earlier, wrote, and then headed off to bed.

Another night sleeping at 1am.



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