I Want a Heated Table!

Sun. June 3, 2018 

I worked late last night but it was close to home so the travel time was quick. The bad part was going to bed late. I wish my body would get used to it so I could get up and crow like a happy roaster.  

Cock a Doodle Doo! 

My alarm went off at 8:15am but I stayed in bed until 8:30. In the attempt to get up my legs hung the edge of the bed while my head on the pillow. Once my body began to cooperate with itself I got up. Then I got dressed in the complete opposite way of yesterday, a sweat shirt and thick pants. Unlike the summer weather we had yesterday, today’s high was 67. For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal and then out the door.  

Just like yesterday the event we were catering to today was by her way. I met the lady I work with at her house around 9:45am. I was 15 minutes early from our discussed time. For some reason I thought leaving earlier would make me late. I have no clue where that idea came from. While she finished getting herself together I loaded up her truck with the help of her son. Whatever she gave me I tossed.  

It was closer than we thought.  

About 25 minutes from where she lived was the apartment complex that we were invited to. Along the way we stopped for breakfast. I was not hungry but I could snack. We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and picked up coffee – frozen for me and iced for her -, two buttered cinnamon raisin bagels and hash browns. Then back on the designated path. During our drive we had a conversation about bagels, I was informed that there is ‘maple bacon flavor’ out in the world somewhere that I must try. It is something that is best eaten with honey and taste amazing. Hopefully I can find it.


(photo found on Google images)

We made it? 

Finally at our destination we were not to sure of where to be. The apartment complex had a big parking lot but we were the only vendor there. Normally we would have either parked with the others or had been given some form of direction. It was 11am and this event was planned to start at noon. After finding the right building and she searching for someone to speak to, we were directed to our spot. Right in the center of the parking lot for everyone to see. 

Noon came around and we were still alone. Two other vendors had no shown so the thought of them not skipping out crossed our minds. To fill in that gap we prepared to take on the crowd without them. With minutes of our preparation one shows up. Then right after, the last. 

When things started to picked up I realized we, the three vendors, were nothing more eye candy. The rental company in charge of filling the apartments wanted something for their potential guest to consider living there for. Nice brand-new apartments, right next to the train station and on occasion vendors right at your doorstep. To me it was a brilliant idea.  

Work is over! 

Around 4pm we closed up and a half an hour later we were on the road out of there. 25 minutes later we were back at her house unloading. It was a simple event so there was not much to do. I even took a few minutes to talk to her son a bit before I left. The kid was so comfortable their Kotatsu table that it actually made me jealous. I could have used a nice nap under there. But I had things to do. 


(photo found on Google images)

My washer machine is busted AGAIN, and I needed to find a laundromat that was open late on a Sunday night. By the time I got home, somewhere around 6:30pm, the need to wash clothes slowly faded from my mind.  After taking a shower I decided that sitting at a laundromat was going to be rough. My plan did not go so well.  

I was too tired to deal with it. Just the thought of spending 2 hours in the laundromat annoyed me. Since I was worn out my irritation level was high. So, like every loving girlfriend does she drove me to the store. Instead of spending hours washing clothes, I spent 35 minutes buying them. For the next few days I will be fine. Plus, thanks to Walmart and their cheap prices, I actually bundled up so I can replace the worn-out clothing I use every day. Before heading back home we stopped at McDonald’s. It is Sunday and not many things were open at 8:30 at night so I dealt with it. I ordered a chicken sandwich and strawberry banana smoothie.  


(photo found on Google images)

Back home we played with my nephew for a bit before setting up “The Good Doctor” on the big screen. I ate my dry chicken sandwich while watching. We have two episodes left after tonight so it is a bit sad to say that we are almost finished. Afterwards we fell asleep. 

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